Overnight at the Office

30 June 2018 | Hisham | | Family Pics

One Friday morning we woke up discovered we had a water outage. We did not know how long the roof tanks would sustain us because driving through the town of Mata Ayer (ironic name in this case) nearby we noticed that the repair work being done, digging into the street there appeared to be major.

I thought that this would be a good time to have a sleep over at the office which was not affected by the repairs. After Irfan's Bahasa Malaysia tuition, we headed for the office with our overnight bag. Also I actually also brought over some work from home back to the office.

I signed in with the guard and all.

More harebrained plans

The R&R restaurants in front of the office were open, so we took away some food from there to my office.

The AC unit was recently installed thank God

Soon we made ourselves at home at the office.


A Northern Route Back to Kelantan

13 June 2018 | Hisham | | Family Pics

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED. Yesterday, we travelled out of the country as a family for the first time. Granted it was only over the border into Thailand, but it was something that all this while was out of our ability to do for fiscal reasons.

It was almost time for Aidilfitri and we drove from Padang Besar to Rantau Panjang via Thailand to reach Tok Bah and Tok Ma's home in Pasir Mas!


Ain did a lot of legwork done beforehand, getting the Thailand vehicle insurance and such, days before we departed. We mulled over acquiring some Thai currency although we did not plan on stopping anywhere to buy anything. However, we stopped at a currency exchange and converted some ringgits into bahts. It was lucky that we decided on it as we had to pay some sort of vehicle tax at the border.

Resting place of the HMS Repulse

We used the phone's Map app to navigate. We found ourselves gazing at the South China Sea on the other side of the peninsular only over two hours from Padang Besar! Using our normal southerly route it would take us more than six hours to reach the east coast from Perlis.


There were fruit stalls by the beach. Ain and Irfan used the Thai bahts to purchase watermelons and pineapples. A fellow buyer came to their aid with regards to Thai-Malay translations.


A New Place to Eat

07 June 2018 | Hisham | | Family Pics

We are always looking out for an affordable restaurant with delicious food. Luckily, there are still many places that surprise us in a good way in Perlis. South of Kangar towards the highway, while looking for a nasi mandi restaurant, we came across this good Thai restaurant for iftar.

Right by the padi fields

Click on the thumbnail above to view a larger image.

We parked by the fields which had been prepped for sowing. It would not be long before a more lively field of green would grow and cover up the brown mud.


We discovered that the nasi goreng Thai here was delicious. It has a side of soup and sambal.


The nasi mandi restaurant was right across the road. We might return to it later.


Here is Irfan posing with the multicoloured lights that marked the restaurant's location and illuminated the its signage.


A Ramadhan Weekend in Sitiawan

03 June 2018 | Hisham | | Family Pics

The previous week, just after one of my classes I was informed by Atok Irfan that Opah was hospitalised for a because of dengue fever. We headed back to Sitiawan to check up on her in the weekend.

Nasi Ayam Penyet or something

After breaking fast in the car along the highway while passing by the Gurun rest stop, we decided to have our dinner in Sungai Petani.

Aeon Flux

Fortunately, Opah was on the mend although the doctor forbade her to continue her fast until she was checked out. Later, we went on a drive around town and watched Solo: A Star Wars Story at the Aeon mall - a second viewing for me since Kuala Lumpur.