Across The Stars

02 December 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

A follow up post from the earlier D'Kathi alien concept design, here are the final artwork commissioned by Christopher Mennell for his Across The Stars science fiction game setting. While it starts out looking and feeling Star Trek with a lot of analogous signature elements, it diverges in many ways and has the potential for imaginative game masters to take it into high concept science fiction.

League vs. D'kathi Empire fleet battle
League ship bridge

Vader's Imperial Sourcebook

18 November 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games, Star Wars
This is the 1st Edition book.

Click on the thumbnail above to view a bigger image of Vader reading the Imperial Sourcebook.


D'Kathi Concept Design

16 November 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Christopher Mennell's Across The Stars commission is presently being worked on. Here's a delightful surprise that occurred over email / Google+ discussions of the project.

One of the aliens I have to create an initial form for is the D'Kathi. The image below is my first sketch of the alien's head.

Suddenly, artist Eric Quigley came up with his own painting of my D'Kathi design using Painter and Photoshop. It looks spectacular as can be seen below.

Click here to visit Eric's website.


BareBones Experiment Artwork

20 October 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

DWD Studios came up with a great project suggestion. Somewhat like Wicked North Games' Azamar: The Paradise Fragment project, I was to create a cover and six interior black and white artwork, which the game developers will create a adventure around them. The adventure will be a supplement to their BareBones Fantasy RPG.

The cover has a creature that's pretty blue about things. How will the rest of the artwork be used in the still-untitled adventure? Watch this space when I announce its eventual release at the end of the year.

Here are the rest of the interior images.


Vicious Crucible of the Eburnean Tower

13 October 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Here is a large artwork I made for Kallisti Press's The Vicious Crucible of the Eburnean Tower RPG, to be released later. Strange things are happening in and around the Eburnean Tower. Click on the picture above to see a larger image.

You can download for free the first Vicious Crucible game The Vicious Crucible of Verdigris Valley here to check it out!


Westward RPG Creature Wallpaper

26 September 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

And here is the latest batch of creatures that inhabit not just the deserts, but the lesser illustrated jungle and tundra of Westward... presented in the form of a 1280px by 800px wallpaper!

Tentative names from left to right: Ice Fish, Entracter Crab Spider, Death Ogler, Snow Globber.

Watch for the Westward RPG core rule book to be released by year's end!


Mecha RPG

16 September 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Heroic Journey Publishing commissioned a series of artwork for the Mecha Mercenaries supplement for their Mecha RPG. Here are some, but not all, of the mecha arrayed together to form a 1280px by 800px black and white wallpaper for your widescreen monitor.

Check out their fantastic Mecha RPG at DriveThruRPG, which is fun, simple to play and very true to its source!


Westward RPG Critters - Part 4

09 September 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Some more bizarre alien creatures were commissioned by Wicked North Games for their space steampunk western role-playing game Westward!

While you're riding a shieldhorse or piloting a steam-powered mech, you might come across these guys in the Badlands of Westward.





Remember the tusker?



Hipster Penanggalan

01 September 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork

A penanggalan with hipster glasses.

I bet she only drinks the blood of Starbuck's barristas.

Westward Concept: Tusker

10 August 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games
The tuskmaster

So, let me ask you this: what do you suppose is the medium used to draw the above concept sketch of the Tusker for the Westward RPG bestiary?


This Pangolin is Precise

24 July 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Linux, Recent News
Valiant Comics' first crossover event!!!

So it came to pass that if I needed to use the new Bamboo Pen graphics tablet, I had to upgrade my operating system. Long story short: I decided on totally replacing my ArtistX 1.0 OS with Ubuntu's latest Long Term Support distro, which was 12.04 also dubbed "Precise Pangolin". After installing the sucker, I finally came face to face for the first time... with the Unity desktop! Click on the thumbnail above to see the desktop, including the Dash HUD.

Searching, I discovered how make a 3rd generation Bamboo Pen work with the Precise. I also reread on how to set up the Benq scanner using Snapscan's binary file so I can scan using Sane or GIMP.

Finally, I installed MyPaint I found on Ubuntu Software Center and discovered that it worked great with the Bamboo.

Below is my first doodle-type sketch using the tablet in conjunction with MyPaint: a handsome sort of fellow.

I will eat your eggs before you could eat mine

Westward RPG Critters - Part 3

06 July 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

This series of creatures I drew for Westward RPG from Wicked North Games is special. I was tasked with proposing and designing these beasts from scratch. Once approved by Wicked North, I started illustrating them with ink and water colours! Of course, the names might be changed by the writers during editing.

Spelunking hazards


Organic bouncing betty

Leaping Lottie

Rhymes with scooby-doo


The one with the stylin' bladestache


The one with the sonic screaming


Keep an eye out for Westward the steampunk western roleplaying game in space, produced by Wicked North Games to be released in the near future.


Some Sordid Sampling of Sahuagin

05 July 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

I've illustrated this piece for a new Troll in the Corner podcast series entitled "Monsters of the Shattered World", written by Brent Newhall and edited by Quinn Conklin. Their first podcast portrays an adventuring party's encounter with a shoal of Sahuagins. The artwork is mostly inkwork supplemented by digital stars. Why digital? Because my toothbrush has yet to be trashed, salvaged and reused as white paint sprayer.

Sahuagin attack at Teluk Batik?

Download Troll in the Corner's Monsters of the Shattered World #1: The Sea Devils.

Check out the bigger image here on DeviantArt.


Westward RPG Critters - Part 2

04 July 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Here are four more preview creatures from Wicked North Games' Westward RPG! Sure it's a steampunk western set in space, but what sort of strange critters would PCs be up against in the wilderlands of Westward?

Forked tongue dino


But not flailsnails, yes?


Organic guided missiles

Cannon Wasp

Do these shambling undead look fat?

Gasbagger Zombie


Space Ghost

07 June 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, TV

I has some time to spare one morning and thought I'd draw one of the old classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons. I was then torn between two characters: Space Ghost or Tundro of the Herculoids. Ultimately I thought I'd give Space Ghost a try.

Using brush and ink, I tried giving Space Ghost a dramatic central shadow. The illustration was scanned and coloured digitally using GIMP. Finally, the colour layer was run through GIMP's Ziptone filter to give it a comic book feel.

But without the two kids and the monkey

Click here for a bigger image on DeviantArt.

Space Ghost, I've since learnt, was designed for Hanna Barbera by famed cartoonist and comic book artist Alex Toth.


Westward RPG Critters - Part 1

02 June 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Wicked North Games, who produced the Azamar role-playing game, using the Cinema6 engine, based on the classic West End Games' Open D6 system, will be producing a new RPG.

The game is entitled Westward and employes a steampunk western setting on another planet in the far future. I have been commissioned to draw some critters that will inhabit the badlands of Westward. Because the Westward Kickstarter campaign has been very successful, Wicked North Games will be publishing a full-colour core rule book! Here is an early preview of the critters of the setting.

A swarm will drink every drop of water you have dry!

Water Nymph

You don't water this plant, it takes water from you


This one will squash you like a bug by jumping on you


Metal in the wild stands no chance against these polyps

Rust Polyps

Not-so-lean, somewhat-mean eating machine. You're on the menu



Vicious Crucible's Page Borders

07 May 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Here are glimpses of page borders done for Kallisti Press' Vicious Crucible fantasy role-playing game by Josh Roby. I drew these some weeks ago on the netbook as it was slowly dying, but now the netbook's power supply is completely borked. Time to go get it fixed.

Forges, crucibles and such, NW
Forges, crucibles and such, SE
Weapons, armour and such, SE
Weapons, armour and such, NE

Click here to check out a Vicious Crucible preview of a Verdigis Valley map with one of the borders!


Purple Mountain 10 - Stock Characters

04 May 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Recently, Purple Duck Games commissioned four stock role-playing game character artwork for their Purple Mountain 10 product, to be released soon!

Lucurio the Red Jester
Strangling Kurt
Kytos Sorceror
Feral Hill Giant

Player character? Non-player character? Go nuts with these!


Westward RPG - Creature Sketches

02 May 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Wicked North Game has been busy developing a new role-playing game using their Cinema 6 variant of the Open D6 system, entitled Westward. I have been given the task to visually design some creatures for Westward, based on descriptions and stats by Peter Schweighofer.

Here are initial designs that were sketched with no text description to whet your appetite.

Spongeweed and Flailing Hulk
Cannon Wasp
Rust Polyp and Gasbagger Zombie

Vicious Crucible Art Preview

20 April 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Here are five pieces of color art that give us a glimpse into Kallisti Press' Vicious Crucible fantasy role-playing game by Josh Roby. These artwork I did are part of a single large image that features major and minor characters from the games in a combined stylistic view of the realm.

But what's really going on in these images? I guess we'll have to wait for the upcoming release of Vicious Crucible.