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Peter, Again

Posted by Hisham
Monday 29 May 2006 at 12:50 am.
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Some time last August, I drew Peter with Panter Classic.

Here he is once again, this time with the new armored costume Tony came up with for him while MJ and he works as a New Avenger. It has bulletproof armour, enhanced computer-display visors and those extra pincer limbs not shown in the illustration below.

I like the design, though because Tony came up with colour scheme, the outfit is red and yellow.

Kinda looks a bit like Shiro's costume.

That Parker Kid

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I really hate this costume. Really, this idea is worse then Greedo shooting first. Spiderman’s costume is something you don’t mess with. This makes me angry, to the point of wanting to vomit red and gold all over Tony Stark. Like Tony hasn’t seen his share of vomit, am I right or what?

ShaneOMac (Email ) (URL) - 30-05-’06 03:06

Sets up the drama perfectly for Civil War, since the time leading up to it Peter’s allegiance is to Stark Industries. If he sides with Steve instead of Tony and Reed, will he ditch the armoured costume and return to the old one?

Hisham (URL) - 30-05-’06 06:50

I think ole Pete has a lil more credibility than to be a product placement ad for Stark Inc. I hope he’ll have the smarts to join ole Steve on the right side of things

ShaneOMac (Email ) (URL) - 30-05-’06 10:31

I think he’ll fall in with Steve, use the Stark Industries armor against Tony in the end. After that it’s back to the old red-and-blue. (And maybe, teaching high school again. Heh.)

Any idea what Scott & Emma’s gang’s stand is in Civil War? This is gonna be sweet, particularly after 99% of all of them worldwide depowered in the aftermath of the House of M.

Man, I should review House of M, Deadly Genesis and The 198.

Hisham (URL) - 30-05-’06 11:18

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