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Walking, Talking and Punching Bots

Posted by Hisham
Thursday 21 December 2006 at 1:00 pm.
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As of last night, the new Transformers trailer went online. This is not the fleeting 2 microsecond glimpse of a silhouette smashing the Mars Rover teaser bit which I caught in the theatre just before Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties. (Yeah, I watched Garfield. Shut up in the back there.) This one shows a whole bunch of Cybertronian aliens, in various modes and transforming. There's even a shot of the protoform stasis pod crashing down.

I am happily surprised that there are no loud rock and / or rap music in the trailer to mark the movie as "cool" to the teens. It's just a bunch of quick cuts of... well, lots of bits that made me and Irfan very happy as we went to bed last night. It's not an adaptation of any of the Transformers sub-universes. I'm not even going to go "But Megatron was a gun!" or "That's not what the Creation Matrix looks like!" kind of purist-mode.

As long as there are giant transforming robots blasting crap up, I'm happy. I'm not going to gripe over differences between the cartoon and this movie.

Bumblebee flips on his battle mode helmet. Notice the Autobot logo on his forehead.

Optimus Prime transforms into robot mode as Ratchet and Bumblebee looks on in vehicle mode.

Throw is My Little Pony into the movie as well and Hasbro's a happy camper.

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