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Irfan's First First Cousin

Posted by Hisham
Friday 27 July 2007 at 10:41 pm.
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Today begins a new era in Irfan's life.

He is now officially a first cousin to another human, in this case the less-than-a-day-old, yet nameless newborn son of Kak Nor & Abg Kie.

He's a pretty handsome, but quiet and sleepy dude. Which is better than the poor girl in the cot beside him, who seemed to be having a nightmare. What nightmares can a 3-hour old baby have anyway?

We'll go and visit Irfan's new cousin again tomorrow and see if we can get better photos. The nurse gave Cik Emma a hard time today for taking pictures in the ward.

The sleepy one:

One side!

The sleepy one turns the other way:

The other side!

Irfan decides to join his cousin in the dreamlands:

In Lord Morpheus' land

seven comments


awwwww… so cute… congrats to kak nor and abg kie!!!!

Lil (Email ) (URL) - 28-07-’07 00:57

Congrats to you too on being an uncle.. :-)

atuk - 28-07-’07 00:59

congrats kak nor and abg kie! welcome to the world, little one! :-)

congrats to you – so what’s the little one calling you and yong and irfan?

sila - 28-07-’07 03:05

congrats kak nor and abg kie! such a beautiful bundle of joy!!

athena (Email ) (URL) - 30-07-’07 10:14
simple american

I’m confused. Are you an uncle to twins? Or the girl you refer is just another babe in the nursery?

My daughter had the same thing happen. Bawling after a couple hours in the world. I asked the same question. What could make her have nightmare. Then my friend’s mom reminded me about the effort of child birth. Having witnessed the process I could only agree. :)

simple american (Email ) (URL) - 31-07-’07 02:57
simple american

And congratulations to the new parents. :P

I’m so rude sometimes.

simple american (Email ) (URL) - 31-07-’07 02:58

aww… such a cutie. He does look like a chinese. Don’t get me wrong. I said that cos he has such a rosy complexion.

Congrats to the new parents.

Hijackqueen (Email ) (URL) - 06-08-’07 10:11

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