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Twenty Eight Weeks

Posted by sila
Thursday 24 April 2008 at 06:32 am.
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Monday marked the 28th week of the pregnancy. We are now 70% of the way! Another 12 weeks or so to go!! Time seems to just be flying by. The shirt isn't snug over the belly, but believe me, there's a pretty big one under there!

Sila at 28 Weeks

Hey, you know what they say about pregnancy being a time when your hormones go nuts? Well, it's all true. One minute, I'm sitting and playing with Lily, the next I'm in tears because she won't let me pick her up and I feel rejected. Sheeeesh. Be careful or I'll go ballistic on you too:

Happy and smiley one minute
Tearing heads off the next

Don't play-play OK??? ;-)

On the whole, things are getting more and more exciting. I can feel the baby move around constantly, and sometimes when (s)he is feeling ornery and kicks hard, Vin can feel it if he puts his hand on my belly. We have progressed beyond "flutters". This morning, that baby kicked Vin's hand when he asked for a sign that (s)he was awake! :-)

On the negative side, the belly is getting larger and larger. Sometimes I wake myself up in the middle of the night, just trying to turn over. It's a whole process now, you know? But on the whole, the report is we are all of us doing well, god willing.

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hehehe love the series of emotions going there, and likely certainly knows how to get attention ;)

Lil (Email ) (URL) - 24-04-’08 18:42
Purple D

Eh….do a pregnant Demi Moore pic laa….:-p

Purple D (Email ) (URL) - 25-04-’08 01:30
Dale Collins

Me at Santino’s: “I’d like to finish this mailbox-sized veggie calzone, but I’m so darn full.”

Dale Collins (Email ) - 25-04-’08 03:17

poor sila.. but i really like the 1st pic… feels like when mom forced u to take a picture when u dun wanna…

i echo PD’s demand… maybe do it in Britney’s style instead of demi moore!!! LOL!!

athena (Email ) (URL) - 25-04-’08 08:16
Captain Caveman

she doesn’t look very happy
oh yeah, she’s pregnant I-)

Captain Caveman (URL) - 26-04-’08 04:24

lil: hehehehe just showing all that poor vin has to put up with (with regard to emotional/mood swings) :-)

purple d & ath: demi moore or britney style photo shoot?????? adoimakkkkkkkk…. ermm got no airbrushing you know. it will actually be a real preggers pic, not a airbrushed one where skin looks smooth, celullite non-existent… i think i should save you guys from exposure to that lah!

dale: is THAT how this happened? darn! i knew i should have stayed away from mailbox-sized veggie calzones!!! :-)

cap’n caveman: grumpity grump grump.. ;-) you can ask your wife how many “bah, humbug” answers she’s gotten from me lately!!

sila - 26-04-’08 07:16

o’oh. i better behave when i’m there. don’t even want the baby to kick my a$$.
btw, lol on the demi moore picture request.

zarin (URL) - 27-04-’08 13:47

I like your hair lah.. Gorgeous. BTW sila, had qib’s b’day y’day, mel and oyern came. We posed for you. hehe.. to the preggy lady. nanti i email.

eliza - 27-04-’08 19:34

comel laaaa kak sila….:-)

eda (Email ) - 28-04-’08 17:24
Simple American

You look wonderful. So many bloggers having kiddos now. Next generation of writers purculating. :D

Simple American (URL) - 01-05-’08 23:54

lol, your last picture cracks me up. If you just get a blood test done?

Hijackqueen (Email ) (URL) - 09-05-’08 13:08

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