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Someone Played With Scissors

Posted by Hisham
Tuesday 21 October 2008 at 11:47 pm.
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So some kid, who lives in this house, who goes to kindergarten found some scissors at school. Then he decided he'd do a little experimenting with the scissors. On his hair.

Below is the result of said experiment, which left parents of said kid shaking their heads.

This of course led to the barber's to get everything about the same length, then hope they all grow at about the same rate.

That night, when he called his Atok to tell him about his new military do, he spin-doctored it masterfully all on his own, telling Atok that now their hairstyles were the same. Which meant they were one and the same now.


I have no idea what the guy sneering on the TV screen is supposed to be doing.

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That is too….TOO! Funny

Shane (Email ) (URL) - 22-10-’08 02:42

wahhh…Irfan have a new hair cut….heheehehhe

eda@chikda - 22-10-’08 09:32

hehehe…very GI Joe! :)

athena (Email ) (URL) - 22-10-’08 19:59

oh dear… :-) i hope he’s learned that 6-year-olds shouldn’t give themselves a haircut!

sila - 22-10-’08 21:56

Aiseh, if it’s any comfort, Cavebaby and her leetle friends did that to each other in pre-prep (aged 4). Got told off in school by two teachers, got told off at home by Mummy and then got told off again when Daddy got home.
Actually don’t know why I gripe about it – that was a FREE haircut. Took her to the hairdresser earlier this year and it was £37 a shot. Aduihhh, sakit le dompet…

NVM, go GI Joe!

Selena (URL) - 23-10-’08 04:09

yikes Not used of seeing him in that new hairstyle.

The last pic of him is so you!

Hijackqueen (Email ) (URL) - 23-10-’08 11:29
Tok Irfan & Alya

Yes Irfan Shafiq! your haircut is your’s & my haircut is mine.So your haircut & mine is = to one.
Great looking grandson of mine.

Tok Irfan & Alya (Email ) - 23-10-’08 15:08

opsy daisy…

Lil (Email ) (URL) - 24-10-’08 03:00

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