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  • Force and Destiny: Jungle in the Sky
    I was finally able to run another role-playing game session for my students for an English Language speaking exercise, the first for this semester. Probably no other games
  • Force and Destiny Core Rulebook
    At first Fantasy Flight Games released the Edge of the Empire rulebook which allowed players to be the scoundrels and smugglers of the galaxy. Then they released the Age o
  • EOTE: Dirge of the Nepotist Captain
    Modesty Blazing Episode 06: Dirge of the Nepotist Captain Previously (and 14 real time months ago) on Star Wars Modesty Blazing ... Thanks to the course I was sent on  gav
  • EOTE Tabletop Day Episode: Together Again For The First Time
    Edged by the Empire Episode 10 Together Again For The First Time Previously on Edged by the Empire... It was International Tabletop Day again, and like last year we played
  • EOTE: The Azurite City Requiem
    Modesty Blazing Episode 05: The Azurite City Requiem In this game I thought I could finish this arc of the campaign in the second session. I failed. Previously on Modesty
  • EOTE: An Ode to Backwater Politics
    Modesty Blazing Episode 04: An Ode to Backwater Politics After saving the life of the long-frozen PRINCE ZALO HAI of the GHYEL system, the crew of the MODESTY BLAZE has fo
  • Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook
    After almost a month waiting, the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook from Fantasy Flight Games finally arrived. I went to the Pudu post office to pick it up right after a meet
  • Tendaar in Disguise
    Last week, Tendaar the Mon Calamari (from the Age of Rebellion Beginner Box ) played by Ivan snuck into Whisper Base wearing an awesome disguise. I wasn't able to particip

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