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  • EOTE: Rescue on Crait
    The first RPG session I ran during the Geomatics Carnival 2018 at UiTM Arau was Fantasy Flight Games' Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion . The players, who were UiTM st
  • EOTE Tabletop Day Session: The Pilot and the Spy
    Last night before the end of International Tabletop Day, Irfan returned to his role as Hondo Pash the Smuggler Pilot in Star Wars Edge of the Empire role-playing game. Mov
  • EOTE: Dude! Where's My Starship?
    It began as a impromptu invitiation to a roleplaying game (RPG) session. Suddenly there I was running a short Star Wars Edge of the Empire scenario for my colleague Rizal
  • Force and Destiny: The Lost General
    Force and Destiny: The Lost General As role-playing practice for my theatre class, I ran a FFG Star Wars RPG session for the students. If playing a space swashbuckling cha
  • Force and Destiny: Jungle in the Sky
    I was finally able to run another role-playing game session for my students for an English Language speaking exercise, the first for this semester. Probably no other games
  • Force and Destiny Core Rulebook
    At first Fantasy Flight Games released the Edge of the Empire rulebook which allowed players to be the scoundrels and smugglers of the galaxy. Then they released the Age o

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