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  • New RPG Books
    Even with a proper job, I still find it difficult to order RPG books (or any type of books online) because of other obligations (i.e. bills to pay). So I thought I should
  • Interior Art for Reign of the Descended
    In the previous blog entry I posted the cover art I made for Heroic Journey Publishing's  Mecha RPG: Reign of the Descended! Currently available on DriveThruRPG ,  Reign o
  • Cover for Mecha RPG: Reign of the Descended
    Heroic Journey Publishing's Mecha RPG: Reign of the Descended has been  released on DriveThruRPG . It's a setting book for  Chris Perrin's Mecha  role-playing game where p
  • Mecha Kaiju Cover
    After producing some interior artwork for Heroic Journey Publishing's Mecha Mercenaries last year, they commissioned some more artwork for their new supplement, Kaiju: A M
  • Mecha RPG
    Heroic Journey Publishing commissioned a series of artwork for the Mecha Mercenaries supplement for their Mecha RPG. Here are some, but not all, of the mecha arrayed toget

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