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  • Childhood Friends vs Chicken Wings
    I called up Nazri to find out if he was in town for Eid and discovered that a bunch of folks from school were. There was a plan to meet up later that night at Aeon, at a c
  • Eid Mubarak from Sitiawan
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha from us in Sitiawan. Rassum frassum haze...
  • Weekend at Sitiawan
    Last weekend, we balik kampung to Sitiawan. Coincidentally, we got to attend my cousin's wedding in Ipoh on Saturday. All except Opah Irfan went to the community hall wher
  • Opah's Orchids
    It's the school holidays! So we headed back to Sitiawan to spend time with Irfan's Atok and Opah. When we arrived, some orchids hanging at Irfan's grandparents' garden ove
  • Happenings at the Beginnings of the Year of the Snake
    Meanwhile, the three-night balik kampung back to Sitiawan for Chinese New Year was somewhat enjoyable. The traffic was not too bad, and no one lost their sanity. We left t
  • Schoolmates From A Thousand Generations Ago
    Nowadays when I return to Sitiawan for Chinese New Year, I rarely get to meet old ACS classmates. It's because either they're away at the in-laws, or their family has move
  • How Everyone Lost Their Tooth In Sitiawan
    We balik kampung to Sitiawan the other week and everyone - Irfan, Ain and I - lost one tooth each while there. Irfan extracted his own tooth even before we arrived at Atok
  • The Great Nerd Archaeological Dig of Sitiawan
    Earlier this month, we went back to my hometown of Sitiawan where I dug up my old stuff in my cupboard and wardrobe, then posted them on Google+. Here is a compilation of
  • The Sitiawan Of Old
    After 1990 I don't think I can consider myself a citizen of our old, sleepy town of Sitiawan. I was always away most of the time, either to school, or to work. Since then

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