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  • Gaming at the Geomatics Carnival 2018
    Today, the Centre for International Languages was officially invited by Zainee to UiTM Arau nearby for their Geomatics Carnival 2018 exhibition. There was a hobbies exhibi
  • SWD6: A Hot Day in Mos Espa
    I brought West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 2nd edition Revised and Expanded with me to class on Monday. There was time for me to run an hour of Star Wars RP
  • Meanwhile, During the Rest of SILK 2018
    The Symposium of International Languages and Knowledge was quite the event. Besides running the RPG workshop , I also sat in other talks, participated in other educational
  • Mini Six: Whiteout, or an RPG Workshop at SILK 2018
    This weekend I was honoured to be able to run a tabletop RPG workshop during the 2018 Symposium for International Languages and Knowledge which was held at Walailak Univer
  • A VCX-100 in Class for Some Reason
    A VCX-100 model transport made an appearance in class during lessons today. I used Kahoot for a live online exercise with my classes this week. The exercise covered Transi
  • First Class of the New Semester
    The second semester for the 2017/2018 academic year has begun! And here are photos from the first class of the semester. Wait what? What are the students doing fiddling ab
  • Photos from an Academic Workshop
    Once upon a time, the entire department was invited to attend an academic excellence workshop in which it was hoped that we would all be much more excellent than we were a
  • Photos from a Keynote Address
    The university's vice chancellor was slated to hold his annual keynote address before the entire staff, and I was given a new task some weeks earlier. I visited the site a
  • Mini Six: The Vanishing at Kuala Perlis
    Plans are underway at work to create a tabletop RPG actual play video web series to be posted online. Initiated and managed by Bazli, it would be our push to promote role-
  • Crafting a Brochure Once More
    It has been decades since I made an actual three-fold brochure for real. The workplace needed one for an upcoming postgraduate programme they would be running. Using Inksc
  • A Feast Concludes the Year
    The Welfare Club of the workplace organised a little feast for CIL's staff members. It was also a pot luck so Ain made her fusilli pasta goreng tom yam to add to the table
  • On The Airwaves
    One of my students Clement is not only running his own radio show at the university, but he has also experience in the radio broadcast industry. He had been asking me to b
  • Students Take Centre Stage
    Narrator : Previously on Hishgraphics Blog ... Yesterday, my theatre arts students completed their course. In conjunction with the final session, the students and I organi
  • Mini Six: Rescue in the Rainforest
    Mini Six: Doom Agents 03 Rescue in the Rainforest Title image Last time on Doom Agents , four operatives sent to investigate the Eternitech factory deep in the South Ameri
  • SWD6: The Battle of Corulag (Instance B)
    Star Wars D6 The Battle of Corulag Instance B This Star Wars RPG game session (D6 system) was the first of two that I ran today using the same scenario I quickly devised y
  • SWD6: The Battle of Corulag (Instance A)
    Star Wars D6 The Battle of Corulag Instance A This Star Wars RPG game session (D6 system) was the first of two that I ran today using the same scenario I quickly devised y
  • Force and Destiny: The Lost General
    Force and Destiny: The Lost General As role-playing practice for my theatre class, I ran a FFG Star Wars RPG session for the students. If playing a space swashbuckling cha
  • Mini Six: Debacle in the Amazon
    This marks the first time students played a second game in a single campaign, although they all played new characters because of a TPK in their first session . Mini Six: D
  • The Second UUM Incursion
    I love tabletop games. I have started to incorporate more tabletop games into my teaching and learning. Suddenly, my friend Shanizan invited me to be a jury member for the
  • The First UUM Incursion
    Last month, all of the sudden, I was tasked with writing a script for a short play for an English Language Carnival to be held at UUM. Not just that, but I had to coach th
  • Mini Six: The Seaside Catastrophe
    And so it came to pass that I was given the opportunity to present my ideas for tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) as a language learning tool to the workplace. During the
  • Teaching Without Power
    This semester I have to help teach another English course to a class of professionals in another learning institution. Today, during my class in which I have prepared a to
  • Theatre Was Suddenly In My Repertoire
    Did I not join this university as a language translator? How did I end up teaching English Theatre Arts as a co-curricular course? It really matters not, because I am enjo
  • Mini Six: A Day By The Sea
    For the third time I ran a tabletop RPG session for my class using the Mini Six system, and this time I have integrated it with the English curriculum we had. The week's l
  • Symposium Gift Artwork
    At the language symposium last week , besides the two assignments I wrote about I also had a third task: Which was to sketch some artwork to be printed and presented as gi
  • My First Language Symposium
    Another new experience I underwent was the language symposium I attended this weekend. The language symposium was an annual collaboration between three universities, two o
  • Enhancement Workshop at Langkawi
    If you had asked me 10 years ago or so, I would say my new experiences will be declining gradually the older I grew. There would be less chances for me to do new things. I
  • Force and Destiny: Jungle in the Sky
    I was finally able to run another role-playing game session for my students for an English Language speaking exercise, the first for this semester. Probably no other games
  • Tabletop Games Expo at UniMAP
    After almost two years in Perlis, there arose an opportunity to host a tabletop game exhibition here at the university. Gray and Ben both gamers I knew and interacted with
  • Some Sort of Translation Workshop
    Then it came to pass that I have to present a talk at the department's inaugural Basic Translation Workshop. Public speaking is not something that comes to me easily. Desp
  • Mini Six: Shadows Through The Mist
    I have always stated that tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) can be amazing teaching tools, not only for language purposes but to develop critical thinking skills, social
  • At The End of the First Week
    And now the first week of teaching is over. What do I have to report? The students are well-behaved (so far) and are very disciplined, most wearing their dark engineering
  • And Then You Teach
    When you were a child, you always imagined - no, been compelled to believe - that life is a series of consequent acts that scales up as you experience it. You would expect

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