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  • SWD6: Out of the Red
    Time is the Hunter Episode 06: Out of the Red Continuing the adventure I ran for Ain and Irfan last December ... Bounty hunter Jax Hunt and amnesiac lady who called hersel
  • SWD6: The Aborted Play Mission
    It was not easy to acquire enough free time to run an RPG session these days. So I was very elated to schedule the continuation of Time is the Hunter . I cleared the coffe
  • SWD6: The Chandrila Extraction Fiasco
    Time is the Hunter Episode 05: The Chandrila Extraction Fiasco After their rescue of the rebel agent known as "The Skywalker" , who turned out to be a Togorian named Meow
  • SWD6: The Privilege of Choice
    Time is the Hunter Episode 04: The Privilege of Choice A 1500th post special! Last time on Star Wars Time is the Hunter , Jax Hunt finds himself being forcibly inducted in
  • SWD6: Deeper Undercity
    Time is the Hunter Episode 03: Deeper Undercity Last time on Star Wars Time is the Hunter , a gunfight between bounty hunters accidentally activated a trio of Separatist B
  • SWD6: Stalk the Lower Levels
    Time is the Hunter Episode 02: Stalk the Lower Levels Last time on Time is the Hunter , Irfan played bounty hunter Jax Hunt who signed up with the Byblos chapter of the Ho
  • SWD6: Point of Entry
    I figured it was time to return to the source from whence my interest of simulationist/narrativist tabletop games originated: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game once published

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