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Boy or Girl? DON'T TELL US! - Part 3

Posted by sila
Wednesday 14 May 2008 at 10:40 am.
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So today, we went to do a 3D/4D ultrasound of the baby. Today (s)he is 31 weeks and 1 day old. The whole experience was awesome! We saw some facial features, we saw him/her move, even looked like (s)he yawned at one point. It was one of the best experiences ever! And we're not even worried that you'll be able to tell if (s)he is a boy or a girl. Seriously for these you won't be able to tell the baby's sex (because we can't). The lady who conducted the ultrasound was really really good, she didn't show us anything we didn't want to see, and tried her best to get the best shots of the baby. Take a look!

The face
Another angle of the face
Profile with hand by the mouth

I think (s)he has Vin's nose and cheeks. What do you think? And for those of you going "4D? What's the fourth dimension here?" (because believe me, I asked that question myself). It's time! Video! Teehee! I have to remember how to put videos on here again so I'll put up the video tomorrow. I'm getting too sleepy to figure out the video blogging thing right now. :-)

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