We could not see the house from here

View from the Top of Wang Kelian

Earlier today, we thought we would travel to Wang Kelian to take a look at the Perlis countryside from the observation plateau there. It was a Sunday and I had just finished running a Star Trek Adventures game over Discord. We were not disappointed. I made a video of our trip there, which is viewable below.

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The GM with book

STA: The Shadow Passage

Star Trek: Thine Own Self S01 E04 The Shadow Passage *** Stardate 57079.8 – Mon Sep 01 2380 22:51:45 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time) Starfleet Dramatis Personae Lt. Cmdr. Jora Mungar, Trill conn officer Lt. Ekwueme Marwan, human engineering officer (NPC) Commander Kavitha Rajakumar, human command officer (NPC) NIGHT FLIGHT STARDATE 57072.3. Elsewhere: as Lt. Kodar Tamat, Lt. JG Simon Cañete and Ensign […]

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