The last photo to Shane

Good High Street Food Game

Earlier in the morning Shane: How’s the new house? How’s things? Me: Getting better. Street food here is good btw. Plenty of chicken. Shane: Good good. Me: Place I moved to has high street food game. Shane: Ooooh. If ya ever get down there take some photos for your boy   Later that evening… Shane: Awesome. Unknown to me at the time, this was to be the last photo I would ever send him. I wish I’d sent him more.

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Ain and I

Anniversary Part 23

Married for 23 years. Together for 27. She was amazing then, she grew even better and more capable over the years. I’d thought then it was the most I could ever love another person. It turned out I could love her even more as time went on. Happy anniversary, Ain. Thanks for being a part of my life. Thanks for being a partner. Thanks for being a guiding star. Love you forever.

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Facebook image with Shane and Hisham at RARPGBIP page

Be Seeing You, Brother

Once upon a time, I decided to try my hand at illustration Star Wars RPG characters online. I had a GeoCities site names Template Facades. I advertised my free services on Webrings and such (remember Webrings?) and one of my earliest replies was this young Canadian from Nova Scotia barely out of his teens, named Shane. We bonded over all things gaming, and even more important, all thing geeky. From Star Wars and Star Trek to games, comics and toys, we talked about everything, even when we were both on opposite sides of the planet. And we talked and discussed and made dumb jokes. We talked about Wok With Yan. We talked about each others’ family. Our high notes and low notes. Shane passed away today due to complications from cancer. It hurts to type the previous sentence. He was a friend who’s always there. He was a brother in […]

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