A Wave of Posts

A wave of posts

A wave of posts

Some months ago, I threatened to post new blog entries after the long pandemic-induced funk I was in. I have seriously not been writing new blog posts this last couple of years. Perhaps posts on social media were easier to write. Whatever I wrote on this blog was not enough to fill out the happenings over the year.

Until this past weekend.

This Past Weekend

I sat down, picked the blog entries I wanted to write, resized photos, and made a number of posts. More than a few.

In this blog entry, I wanted to document all the posts I made over the long weekend so I would remember that these posts belonged to this batch.

This is not nearly everything that requires a blog post, so more will come in the future. But will I have the determination to produce similar output in the neat future?

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Khairul Hisham J. is a tabletop RPG artist, writer, proofreader, translator, teacher, grad student and learner-in-general.

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