Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Hero

Apart from Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Hero, the second of three books released by The Game Mechanics, being released and on sale at, I’ve also took my old gallery at Geocities, modified it, gave it a proper banner, updated some details and relocated it here at The Hishgraphics Gallery can be found at In the meantime, here are three four of the artwork from Future Players’ Companion, Volume 2. Click on… to view them.

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Irfan, his dad and mom

Irfan Cuts His Cake and Eats It Too

“I want to eat the Happy Birthday Cake!” Irfan begged for hours after seeing the number three-shaped vanilla cake with the Tigger-esque toon on it. He wasn’t getting it until everyone arrived of course. There were, yet to arrive, his Mak Long and Ayah Long, and his Cik Eda and her roommates. So all day long, he staked out the cake box on the dinner table. More than once, you’ll see this happening and then the cry in the background, “IRFAN!!!” The box opens, much to Irfan’s delight. The cake had support by french fries, chicken curry, roti jala, chicken fingers and watermelon. Finally it was time to cut the cake. Irfan goes nuts. Irfan cuts the cake, aided by his parents. You can just see how happy he was. Now, Irfan’s probably thinking, “Wait! Why is the cake going to other people? I wan’t one.” And he lived happily […]

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Irfan with two new grandmothers


The two new grandmothers, September 2002. Three years ago, Irfan Shafiq was born at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. Within that three years, he’s given not just his mother and I a lot of joy, but a lot of other people in our extended family as well. We’ll be cutting cake in the next few hours, so we’ll have pictures of that soon. In the meantime, enjoy the announcement of Irfan’s birth (link dead) in the Star Wars Artists’ Guild forums from 3 years ago.

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Yaaar! Ye Scurvy Swabs!

Since Sep 19th was Talk Like A Pirate Day, something annually celebrated by Star Wars Artists’ Guild as long as we have been online, I’d thought I’d celebrate by retranslating this entire paragraph in pirate speak, cause you know, you can never have too much of pirate speak… especially during boardroom meetings, being rude at traffic jams and at the supermarket checkout. Translation: Arrr, since Sep 19th was Talk Like A Pirate Day, somethin’ annually celebrated by the sea dogs at Star Wars Artists’ Guild as long as we’ve been sailin’ the seven seas, I’d thought I’d celebrate by retranslatin’ this entire paragraph in pirate speak, cause you know, you can ne’er have too much o’ pirate speak… especially durin’ boardroom raids, wavin’ yon cutlass at traffic jams and at the scurvy supermarket checkout. Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty! – Mad Sam Bonney (Illustrator, SWAG) P.S. Yaaaarrrggh!!!

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As far as positions of movie planets are concerned, the incredibly detailed galaxy map of the Star Wars universe is complete. Webmaster Eric Przybylski has also done a great job placing the planets of the EU in the massive map he made, with inserts of the Corellian Sector and the Si’klaata Cluster, among others. Also included are several smaller maps of sectors such as Kuat, Kathol, Brak and Elrood. Check out if you want to know how far it is from Hoth to Bespin (the Millennium Falcon‘s flight in The Empire Strikes Back), and where Polis Massa (where Luke and Leia were born) is located in relation to the volcanic world of Mustafar (where Vader was immolated); or if you’re hardcore what route did Quinlan Vos take to relocate his clone army from Saleucami to Boz Pity (as mentioned in passing in Revenge of the Sith); or if you’re […]

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Breakout in the Dark

Illustration Friday: Escape

Escape is the topic of this week’s Illustration Friday. Two convicts sneak out stealthily of a watery tunnel near a prison from which they’ve just broken out. All they have to do is make it undetected into the woods. But how will they avoid from being beamed by a searchlight?

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Irfan Goes To The Zoo

Last Sunday, Irfan (along with a bunch of family members) went to the zoo! Here’s a series of photos that came out of our little zoo trip. [[image:zoo01.jpg:Immediately after insertion into zoo:center:0]]The crew lead by Irfan walks by the elephant paddock, away from it because he was spooked by the big pachyderms. [[image:zoo02.jpg:Stork lake:center:0]]Irfan and his Aunt Emma with some storks in the background. There’s one bird in flight in the background immediately behind them if you look carefully. [[image:zoo03.jpg:Pony ride:center:0]]Again, Irfan is spooked and refuses to approach a pony, RM2.00 a pop. He preferred to be elsewhere, like… [[image:zoo04.jpg:The jejawi tree:center:0]]…this ficus microcarpa a.k.a. the Malay Banyan a.k.a the jejawi tree. Oh hey, another group photo. [[image:zoo05.jpg:Emus:center:0]]Everyone referred to these as ostriches until we came to the plaque that says that they were emus. The ostriches, we discovered later, were in the the savanna open paddock along with the […]

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The Unspeakable Cat

Hastur (the Unspeakable One from the depths of the Cthulhu-mythos pantheon of ancient and powerful gods bent on the destruction of the world and mass insanity of its inhabitants) has not only manifested itself as a cat… it has also started blogging. Here’s an excerpt: [[image:hastur.jpg:The Unspeakable Cat:left:0]] In addition to my slaves and Merlin, there is also a young child living here. I don’t care what his name is. I know that the only reason my slaves continue to care for him is so that they may offer him to me as a humble sacrifice. I await the day of this offering with much relish, for the boy appears quite tender. Does he not? A final observation of note is that Hastur seems to be looking much more agreeable and pleasant to the eye than it was when it was an all destroying amorphous blob of flesh. Click here […]

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Illustration Friday: Depth

Another Illustration Friday, another illustration. The topic for this week is depth. I’m trying add another layer to the concept of depth in this piece of artwork. Desolation? Fear of the unknown? What are those doing in the bottom of the ocean? How did it come to pass? An illustration somewhat less colourful and more morose than the art I made for the e-book posted previously. Medium: Painter Classic

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The Secret Library by Khairul Hisham

First Hishgraphics e-Book: The Secret Library

I wouldn’t have thought it possible a year ago, but here we are with our first e-book product on sale as of today. It’s a nice little tale with full colour illustrations throughout, where a young boy who just happens to have the same name as my son, discovers a wonderful library through a doorway in the cellar of his parents’ new house. I hope the public likes it well enough to purchase it. There is a black and white version in the Free Downloads page for a preview. If you know someone who might like it please spread the word. Thanks to everyone who helped me get the site up, especially my family, and all my friends who gave me moral support. In the meantime, I’ll be working on more new e-books.

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Instinct on Atlantis

Once upon a time I read the premise of Stargate Atlantis before they aired its pilot episode “The Rising”. I never would have thought the simple premise of an international team of civilian and military explorers sent to the lost city of Atlantis that happened to be on an uninhabited planet in the Pegasus galaxy without the power to return to Earth can be so engrossing. It’s all thanks to its great writing, actors, character interaction and humour, and more than adequate visual effects; and it’s held its own as the spinoff from Stargate SG-1. Last week’s episode “Instinct” was notable for two reasons: The episode starts off like a classic D&D RPG session. And by classic I mean clichéd. A group of PCs walks into a village at night and find themselves at a tavern. Everyone eyes them suspiciouly and hints for them to leave town. But after two […]

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Mak & Abah at Dungun, Terengganu

Here we are over 100 posts in this blog and not once did even say that I worked for seven years at the East Coast of the Peninsular Malaysia. I hate talking about the place. No, I don’t mean Terengganu is an awful place. Far from it. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The people there are for the most part cordial and pleasant to be around with. A lot of unpleasantness stained in my mind came from the work. Politics at the workplace, mostly stemming from people from the West Coast. I could go on, but I’ll just sum things up: great place to be, wonderful friends there (and still there), terrible job. So here are some pictures of Mak & Abah visiting me while I was there. [[image:dungun1.jpg:Near ITM Dungun:center:0]] [[image:dungun2.jpg:Abah and Mak at Tanjung Jara:center:0]] [[image:dungun3.jpg:Geological analysis of Tanjung Jara:center:0]] [[image:dungun4.jpg:The southern […]

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Raya buddies

Almost Aidilfitri?

Well not exactly. Another two months. So, for no reason in particular, here’s another pic of old ACS Sitiawan buddies; this time gathering at my house for Aidilfitri, and to eat the food as well. We’ll be in Sitiawan this year instead of Pasir Mas, so you all are invited for makan-makan at Taman Pegawai.

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He Seems To Be Developing A Sense of Style

Yesterday, Irfan and I took a drive to the Ulu Langat district, where it was serene, green and a winding stream shadowed the road for miles. It was just him and I in the car. He was in the back, free to roam. (If he was sitting up front, he’d be belted up and annoyed at the fact.) So there we were driving among the serene greenery, the kampung houses and colourful flowers on the bushes in their yards. I barely heard him grab something from the storage bin behind the parking brake in the centre column. Then he was standing just behind the front seats between them with his elbows resting on either seat. I glanced at him and there he was… wearing a pair of sunglasses I’ve never seen before, looking all badass. It was an awesome moment.

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JLU Avatars

It’s cartoon avatar month on ACS Sitiawan Forums. My current favourite animated series now is Justice League Unlimited. So here are some JLU avatars for anyone’s use. No heavy hitters like Clark, Bruce and Diana. The only founding members here are John and Wally. The rest are second stringers, but what colourful second stringers they make, eh? For their names, hover your cursor over the avatars. [[image:jlu_albert_rothstein.gif:Albert Rothstein:center:0]] [[image:jlu_beatriz_dacosta.gif:Beatriz Dacosta:center:0]] [[image:jlu_dinah_lance.gif:Dinah Lance:center:0]] [[image:jlu_helena_bertinelli.gif:Helena Bertinelli:center:0]] [[image:jlu_jack_ryder.gif:Jack Ryder:center:0]] [[image:jlu_john_stewart.gif:John Stewart:center:0]] [[image:jlu_kara_zor-el.gif:Kara Zor-El:center:0]] [[image:jlu_michael_jon_carter.gif:Michael Jon Carter:center:0]] [[image:jlu_nathaniel_adam.gif:Nathaniel Adam:center:0]] [[image:jlu_ralph_dibny.gif:Ralph Dibny:center:0]] [[image:jlu_ray_palmer.gif:Ray Palmer:center:0]] [[image:jlu_ray_terrill.gif:Ray Terrill:center:0]] [[image:jlu_red_tornado.gif:Red Tornado:center:0]] [[image:jlu_todd_ricegif:Todd Rice:center:0]] [[image:jlu_vic_sage.gif:Vic Sage:center:0]] [[image:jlu_wally_west.gif:Wally West laying some smackdown on Lex Luthor:center:0]]

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