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57 Months

Posted by sila
Monday 22 April 2013 at 01:17 am.
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The countdown is on to Yaya's fifth birthday! 3 more months! Time passes so quickly - I can't believe how big Yaya has gotten. Where did my little newborn baby go? :-)

Happy girl at the playground

* Mouse over the photos for captions

Food status: Yaya gnawed on a piece of bread and ate several crusts! Of course, it was the (pricey) artisanal loaf, the French Boule from the Dorothy Lane Market, but it was definitely good. We didn't even say anything or encourage her to do it, she was biting into the bread and enjoyed it so much she ate it all, even the crusts! We rewarded her for it to hopefully encourage her to continue trying new stuff. Also, she ate another bite of pancake (she had more fun making it rather than eating it, but one bite is better than none) and she also had about 6-8 licks of a strawberry iced lolly (popsicles to you Americans) while skyping with Auntie Mei and Imogen in Australia. Sorry Lucas, for making you want an iced lolly at 8 AM!

We did not have any work travel in April - but we did have a road trip to the beach! Stay tuned for more about our mini-vacation!

Yaya has continued drawing and coloring - she can even color inside the lines sometimes, when she concentrates! She has also infected her brother with her love for art - Adik also loves to scribble (on anything and everything!) with a crayon. Yaya will request special coloring pages of her favorite cartoon characters, which we print out for her to color. She still loves having projects - she and Vin dyed eggs after Easter was over, and she did get upset that her eggs did not turn out bright red (as advertised) but instead was a deep pink. She also uses the Doodle Buddy app on the iPad to draw some interesting things. In addition, she also made a fist-sized play-doh Pocoyo head for Mama (wheee!). It took forever to dry!

Yaya and Adik get along very well now. We do have to break up some fights where Yaya and Adik are fighting over the same toy (Adik is no longer as passive as he used to be). But Yaya is a very good big sister for the most part. For instance, when we were on our road trip to the beach, Yaya held the Big Thing (iPad) up such that Adik would also be able to watch Pocoyo on it to stop him from crying. She also makes funny faces and sings, and Adik just wants to try to do whatever she does!

Love Adik!

Let's get to some of my favorite pictures taken this past month (Note that I did not include any photos from our vacation so no spoilers here!). We start off with "fun in the laundry basket" - it started out with us putting Adik in the laundry basket but ended up Yaya taking a turn in it:

Wheee look at my cool shadow!
Adik wants to go back in the basket too!
Bask(et)ing in the late afternoon sun

Now a section on outdoor fun and games:

Singing or speaking with bodily gestures
Swinging with Adik
Sidewalk chalk art
Swinging on the big kid swings

Even though it is April, it has been a rather cold month so there was still a lot of indoor activities. We're getting rowdier and rowdier though:

Indoor tennis!
Running around on the brown floor
Hunting the "toe monster" under the covers
Upside down child!

It's been another lovely month. Happy 57 month birthday, baby girl! We love you!


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