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The One with the Actual Birthday and then the Party

Posted by sila
Saturday 03 August 2013 at 11:54 pm.
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So on Yaya's fifth birthday, we went to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton as her birthday treat. We had originally thought about going to the zoo but the fact that it was a cold and rainy day (seriously? This has never happened in July to have a spring-like rainy day) forced a change of plans. However, it turned out to be an awesome experience, and since we are now members of the museum, we look forward to repeat trips there.

Yaya is all dressed up to go out on her birthday

I love the above photo as you see how happy Adik is for his sister. Also contained in this entry are a few photos taken a week or so later when we had Yaya's birthday party. Vin and I were so busy running around on that day that we took maybe 5-6 photos in total. For the whole event. Craziness! So anyway, minimal chatter, just mostly photos.

* Mouse over the photos for captions

Here we are all ready to go to the museum!

Let's go!
Heeeeere's Yaya! Minus the axe
Yaya the plumber, busily plumbing
Yaya the scientist, busily scientisting
Yaya talks to the automatic lady about glaciers. She was surprisingly cool and glacial in her response
Yaya in a large turtle shell
Oh no! The children are driving!
Yaya and Adik have fun at the pretend-veterinary clinic
Papa and Adik play together

We spent a lot of time at the water table.

Playing with water
They both love the water table

Thank goodness for the water-proof aprons or both children would be quite quite wet. When we get home it is time for Yaya's cake. Special cupcakes for Yaya!

Butterfly and flower cupcakes
Blowing out the candles
Cutting into the cake

But she would not eat it. Despite the multiple promises that when she is five she would start eating.

Yaya sulking after being reprimanded for reneging on her promise

The festivities are not yet over. Yaya made herself a "pin the tail on the donkey" set and wants to play it.

Papa ties on the blindfold

After being spun around, Yaya attempts (several times) to stick the tail on the donkey.

Taping the tail on the donkey
Yaya's donkey!

She thought of the concept, drew everything, supervised the cutting of the material, and stuck it on to assemble the donkey. Vin and I were very surprised by how well thought out it was and that the random circles and ovals that we cut out eventually made perfect sense.

The day is not over yet! Time for a few presents!

Poor Adik wants to help too!
Little stuffed cat!
Yaya forcing a smile when she really wants to try out her new microscope

That was it for the actual day Yaya turned 5, 22 July 2013. We spent the rest of the evening looking at the prepared slides for the microscope (who knew who cool plant spores are!). Now here are a few pictures from her party a week or so later:

More cake! Graeter's ice cream cake!
Blowing out her candle!
Adik wants to play with the cake
Yaya loves her new train set

Thank you to everyone who came to the party, brought presents and cards, sent presents based on Yaya's Wish List, thus contributing to making her train set much bigger and helping her get one step closer to being a magician (Thanks Lil!) and sent other wonderful presents (Thanks Mandy!). Thank you also for all the birthday cards, money, and e-cards received! We appreciate you every year and love how you share in our children's lives. And to close, one of the presents Yaya received, a personalized card from Pak Yope and his family:

Happy 5th Birthday Yaya!

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