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Jegergryte's Crew

Posted by Hisham
Sunday 17 November 2013 at 11:18 pm.
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Some months back, I drew some player characters for Jegergryte's Edge of the Empire RPG player characters. I pushed my digital painting abilities, exercising my skills so they would be closer to what they should be if I am to land better freelance art jobs.


Jace Maverick is a swashbuckler with a vibrorapier and a charming smile. I thought I'd give him a costume design resembling the Naboo Security Force's.

The Kraken

Thracken "The Kraken" Artox is a grimy Rodian gadgeteer with a cyborg eye and a MerrSonn Type-434 "DeathHammer" heavy blaster pistol which obviously has been through a lot.


Doc Ariela Mengalic a.k.a. Ghia Necil Zilar is a Colonist / Doctor. She has a Tenloss DXR-6 disruptor rifle, a medpac on her hip and a bandolier of ready-to-use stimpacks.


Walian "Blue" Mothma is a human Force sensitive assassin who wields a BlasTech A280 blaster rifle, with a underslung grenade launcher.

Che Rohn

Che Rohn is a Cathar thief who wields a Merr-Sonn Quick6 blaster pistol with a grappling hook launcher attachment and a wrist-mounted dart shooter.


SY-RS2003.12 is a unique pilot smuggler droid with a Thunderer T-6 blaster pistol.

These are awesome player character concepts. Wish I was in this campaign with these characters.

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