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Increments in Double Zero

Posted by Hisham
Friday 18 September 2015 at 6:33 pm.
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Fiction is how ideas can be put forward to make one think. I use many methods to help develop Irfan's thinking skills - although I have no clue if they work efficiently.

A lot of fiction for children, when they involve conflict will usually gravitate to an environment with two sides: the right side and the wrong side. You know the cartoon shows. The bad guys make life difficult for the good guys, and the good guys have to surmount this difficulty to achieve some measure of victory.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 however has a number of sides. Each side has those with a moral conscience and those who are assholes. Even the side that the protagonists are on has factions that are morally reprehensible. So I hope the lesson taught is not to see the person for his uniform or the colour of his skin, but to his intentions and especially his deeds.

And if there is need to act for the betterment of society and mankind, we should.

Meanwhile, Irfan used some of his saved up pocket money (and food sales earnings - a whole another story) over a couple of months to buy the Exia and Dynames Gundams from Double Zero.

Needs moar swords. Seven swords needed

Exia is piloted by Suran Ibrahim. Dynames is piloted by Neil Dylandy, then later Lyle Dylandy.

Is that a Super Substratospheric Altitude Gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Thanks to some tinkering around, he created an Exia-Dynames hybrid Gundam for some sort of nefarious reason.

Ours will be a handsome child!

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