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Hari Merdeka ke-50

Posted by sila
Friday 31 August 2007 at 10:25 am.
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Kami yang merantau jauh mengingatimu di hari kemerdekaan yang ke lima puluh. Lima puluh tahun kami rakyat Malaysia tidak perlu tunduk kepada penjajah. Lima puluh tahun, Merdeka! Walau jauh di mata, namun tidak di hati.

Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia!

Flag image obtained from google image

*chewah - boleh tahan tak? berkurun tak pakai Bahasa Malaysia standard ;-)

Dan, sebagai penutup, lagu Tanah Pusaka. Satu-satunya lagu patriotik kesukaan saya:

Sungguh gemilang negeriku
Yang kupuja oh tanah Malaysia
Di merata dunia
Harum semerbak namamu oh Malaysia

Aman makmur kaya-raya
Selama-lama hidup maju jaya
Oh tanah pusaka
Negaraku yang berdaulat dan merdeka

Tanah pusaka bertuah
Berbagai bangsa didalamnya
Hidup aman dan berjaga
Bertekun kerja dan berjasa

Musuh melanggarku gempur
Sungguh rela kugugur kerana
Kau tanah pusaka
Biar putih tulang jangan putih mata


We who are journeying far remember you on this your Fiftieth Independence day. Fifty years that we Malaysians did not bow to any conquerors. Fifty years, free! Although we are far away, nevertheless you are close to our hearts.

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

* chewah - is my Malay OK? it has been centuries since i use standard Bahasa Malaysia ;-)

And to end, the song "Tanah Pusaka", one of my favorite patriotic songs. (Pleeeease don't make me translate the song? Really? Thanks). The title means "home land" or "land of my forefathers" or "inherited land". Something like that. Perhaps even all of that. And the final line is one of my favorite all times, literally it means "Let my bones be white rather than my eyes be white" which I didn't understand when I was small.]

And to you Malaysians, please be kind and don't point and laugh at my attempt at an entry in BM. It has been donkey's years since SPM (although my BM score was not bad) ;-)

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