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Only You Can Save The World

Posted by Hisham
Saturday 09 August 2008 at 9:24 pm.
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I was tagged with a meme by Lil at iFantabulous some time ago and I finally got around to writing (and illustrating) it today.

What I have to do is to fill out the form with 5 lines below to reveal my secret superhero identity and come up with an image of my alter ego.

So, a superhero, eh? Here goes nothing.

  1. I’m called : Sink
  2. I will save the world by : looking for and beating up crooks, and sending them to jail whenever and wherever I find them. However, it's not this crimefighting act which will directly save the world. I have to do this because if I don't my real superpower will activate, and would be disastrous to put it mildly. (See item 5)
  3. My mode of transport is : walking around, or maybe the train, because I can't afford anything more than that.
  4. My archnemesis is : Myself, because I fight crime without any augmented strength, speed, reflexes, any kind of superhuman powers, nor do I have the money to protect myself with special weapons and armour. Therefore, once in a while, sometimes more often than I like, I get beat up pretty bad and required medical attention. In any case, I have to do what I do despite the injuries or my power will subconsciously activate.
  5. My kryptonite is : a mixture of despair and my real superhuman power. The former will activate the latter, which would be catastrophic. Crime and injustice elicits the feeling of despair in me. The more I read about it the more I feel that the world is not worth saving, in which case my subconscious will activate my power. And my real power is to increase three fundamental forces within my own body, which are the strong nuclear force, electromagnetic force and gravity, to near infinite levels. This will convert my body into the strongest black hole ever in the universe. Not only will my body be destroyed, but atoms will break down in proximity and every subatomic particle in and of the world will be immediately sucked into the super black hole, exponentially increasing its size and strength even more. This will pull nearby astronomical bodies like the moon and NEOs into the black hole. Then would come the unravelling of the sun and the gaseous structures of the outer planets of the system. The structures of nearby stars, like Alpha Centauri trio, Barnard's Star, Wolf 359 and Sirius will break down and their gases will be pulled absorbed as well. Eventually the entire galaxy will be eaten up, causing nearby galaxies to be destroyed and pulled in as well. Eventually the black hole will cause the end of our spacetime continuum.

Beat that.


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