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Creatures of Azamar Part Two

Posted by Hisham
Saturday 06 November 2010 at 10:58 am.
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As mentioned earlier, here are some more artwork commissioned for the Azamar fantasy setting sourcebook for the Cinema6 RPG system from Wicked North Games, this time in alphabetical order.

Simon will love this


The intelligent Asazis are fearsome arachnid-like creatures with a centaur-like torso, but hardly any human-like features.

Stronger than the Red Hulk?

Frost Hulk

Twisted by the Fracturing a magical event in Azamar, these creatures come in many shapes though most appear as or close to the illustrated image.

More nightmare fuel


Gaunts are faceless, bony and winged creatures with a scorpion-like tail.

Its optometrist bill is high


Although quilled and scaled, Shangilars look like large wolves with six eyes. 

An arachnophobe's dream encounter


The venomous uumul are as large as humans and are thought to be long-lived - centuries old.

Yes, but does it also create spice


Weth are mounts of the local Wyvine race that resemble a giant beaked worm with many feet and large wings.

But thankfully not a celebrity stalker

Wind Stalker

Wind stalkers are massive beasts that soar and glide the skies of Azamar, but it can also dive and submerge itself in water.

Arson is for the birds

Zurn Warbler

These human-sized predators are flightless birds with the ability to breath fire and ruin your laundry.

Part One can be found here.

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