RPG Actual Play Lists

Friday 28 October 2016 at 8:03 pm.

Here are all actual play reports for the tabletop RPG sessions that I have run or played, then posted on this blog! They are all sorted according to game system and campaign (both according to alphabetical order) for ease of reference.


BareBones Fantasy

The First and Last Adventure of Finn and Jake

The Chronicles of Jake Hastur the halfling and Finn Riverwyld the human in the Keranak Kingdoms. (An Irfan campaign)

  • Chapter 1 The First Quest - Finn and Jake has to deliver a communication scroll to the Priest of the Bleak Pyramid. However they are sidetracked by the Quest for the Emerald Mango at the Temple of the Glowfruit. Suddenly, there are zombies.
  • Chapter 2 The Tabletop Day Session - Duchess Lyla Keranak of Kingsbridge sends Finn and Jake on an assigment to find her missing brother Captain Kane Keranak. En route they encounter terror in a mining town.
  • Chapter 3 Over the Hills and Far Away - Sailing across the Tarkonian Sea, the trail of Kane Keranak leads Finn and Jake to face an ancient and dangerous magical creature... and a great tragedy!


Call of Cthulhu

The Stark Future of San Francisco

Stark Future

Rookie detective DJ Stark begins to uncover unspeakable horror in his investigation of strange things on the streets of San Francisco. (An Irfan campaign)

  • Episode 1 The First Game Ever - Detectives Stark and Simpson are assigned the case of the missing nine-year-old and realise there is definitely more to the crime that meets the eye.
  • Episode 2 Stark Raving Mad - The return of his former partner Detective Simpson leads Stark to a location where an unspeakable summoning is about to occur.
  • Episode 3 Healthcare Blues - A stay at the Saint Agatha Medical Centre can be lethal thanks to its night staff, Stark discovers.
  • Episode 4 A Night at the Opera - Leaving his newly-assigned partner behind, Stark finds himself at an abandoned opera house in a race to save lives.
  • Episode 5 Happy Endings - The tale of Detective Stark reaches a crescendo as his investigations come to an end.

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

Fox and Olujimi: Companions

Fox and Olujimi - an unlikely duo from two different time periods meet the Doctor and embark on a hunt through time for a deadly villian. (A GOKL campaign)

  • Episode 1 Feet of Flesh, Feet of Steel - Fox and Olujimi find themselves embroiled in an oppressive alien culture on the planet Klaris. Then a blue box appears.
  • Episode 2 The Flames of Salem - The Doctor, Cindy, Fox, Olujimi and Alaskan sailor Sebastian Cuddy witness the Salem Witch Trials up close and discover that even old Massachusetts is not devoid of malevolent alien influences.


  • Torchwood 1901 - Adventures in Time, Space and alternate Victorian London where Torchwood has to police a sizable alien population because of the open London Rift. (Part of GOKL's Dare Sensei campaign.)

Eclipse Phase

Clouds of a Morning Star

Clouds of the Morning Star

Farcasted members of Fastball Special forms Gamera Security on Venus to investigate ego thefts and come face to face with an existential threat, hidden on Venus since the Fall. (A GOKL campaign)

  • Venereal Problems  - Personnel from previous campaign Fastball Express farcast into new bodies on Venus to investigate stolen egos, forming a new hypercorp Gamera Security.
  • Blimps and Backseat Driving - After they resleeve in new morphs upon falling off Parvati aerostat, the Gamera Security team set up shop on Gerlach. The stolen ego case brings them to Cloud Nine aerostat.
  • A Hidden Industry - Gamera Security sneak around Cloud Nine to discover a hidden manufacturing operations in the city. Hokusai almost falls off a blimp.
  • Moose Kipper - The team "captures" Dario Silvestri. DANAI fabricates a new "Janet" morph for itself.
  • A Jovian Jovially Joins - The Jovian Christoph De Beers joins the team. Further investigation into the hidden manufacturing operations turns up several persons (and hypercorps) of interest. The activist group FreeFall Network... and an upcoming art show at Aphrodite Prime aerostat organised by Marquis d’Homem-Christos?
  • Electromatic for the People - Christoph De Beers is retconned into Badal Jones of the Lunar Lagrange Alliance. A plan is hatched where Hokusai sneaks into the farcasting resleeving facility at Aphrodite Prime where DANAI will commandeer the morph that the artist will be downloaded into to save him from terrorists.
  • Machinations of a Lumpy Space Princess - The team scours the mesh for clues. Hokusai exfiltrates DANAI. Cable flies a glider outside of Aphrodite Prime to scout a suspicious construction project at the city's aviary.
  • The Great White Hunter Job - Boris targets the banker Karamojo Bell for the team to con him into going on a hunting expedition to the Ikea-Tata aviary construction site and face an unforeseen mechanical menace.
  • Web of the Jorōgumo - The Attack of the Bollywood Musical Number Flash Mob! DANAI takes over the Marquis' robotic synthmorph and meets his financier, the geisha banker Maiko Clarimonda. Cable makes contact with known terrorist Saladin Pelita. The others investigate the apartment of hotel security personnel Shelby the Cobra.
  • The Standoff at the Cumulus Hotel - His cover blown, DANAI has to get physical. Ina-α's DDOS program it laid at Cloud Nine begins. The mission to covertly get the Marquis' art show is accomplished.
  • Thanks for the Memories - Virtual interrogation of Shelby the Cobra reveals secrets of the fallen orbital station Timbuk3 and the secret behind Free Fall Network.
  • At the Bottom of the Gravity Well - With the help of the Teddy Bear Roadside Company, the team attempts to reach the Venus surface from the Lucifer aerostat.
  • The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades - The team aided by Mr. Snuggles the ursomorph descend to Sacajewea Patera and besides encountering the Marquis' long lost partner, finally learn the lethal secret of the fallen Timbuk3 station.

Fastball Express

Crew of the interplanetary cargo ship Fastball Special are neck-deep with dangerous goings-on on the planet Mars... (A GOKL Campaign)

  • The Viking Funeral Undertaking - After the uncertain conclusion of Clouds of the Morning Star we return to Mars to see what the async Quill and Hokusai (still in his octomorph) are up to.

Mind The WMD

Firewall agents - in their crusade to combat existential threats to transhumanism in the solar system - attempt to foil the sale of a weapon of mass destruction. (One of the earliest GOKL Campaign I played in. The two episodes here has sparse details on the session.)

Mini Six

Doom Agents

A secret agent organisation sends teams of special agents to find and stop threats that might bring about great catastrophes worldwide. (Bahan 3 students 2017)

  • A Day By The Sea - A group of six operatives search for the missing Agent Ishikawa at Fukushima, Japan on that fateful day in 2011.
  • Debacle in the Amazon - A new group of four operatives from Command is sent to a factory deep in the Amazon rainforest to look for secrets.
  • Rescue in the Rainforest - A trio of rescuers attempt to free the captured agents from the factory's evil owners.



  • Shadows Through the Mist - A group of six amnesiacs awake in a grounded airliner in thick mist, unaware of the horrors that stalk them outside. (A session for students.)
  • The Seaside Catastrophe - A group of five intelligence agents search for the missing Agent Yamaguchi at Fukushima Prefecture, Japan on that fateful day in 2011. (A session for colleagues.)
  • The Vanishing at Kuala Perlis - A group of six agents investigate a phantom island that appears off the coast of Kuala Perlis at night. (A session for colleagues.)
  • Whiteout - A group of six people search for a university researcher and her team who disappeared in the Scottish Highlands. (A session for Thai students during SILK 2018)

Night's Black Agent

Agents of KL

A group of independent international espionage agents based in London uncover a diabolical worldwide plot involving a pharmaceutical multinational, a prion-based haemovirus and vampiric Russian ovcharka hounds. (A GOKL Campaign)

The Two Abes



  • The Sinkhole Situation - Irfan plays RDF pilot John Barnes at Nouakchott Base pilots a Veritech fighter for the first time. However, other forces covet the brand new transformable mecha and plot to steal it.

Star Wars Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny

Edged by the Empire

Hondo Pash, the captain of the YT-1300 light freighter Lava Jaeger, strives to earn a living transporting cargo while trying to search for missing family members while being edged from the mainstream by the Galactic Empire. (An Irfan campaign)

  • Episode 1 Irfan Escapes Mos Shuuta - Hondo Pash escapes the tightening grip of Hutt crime lord Teemo in the city of Mos Shuuta on Tatooine and steals the freighter Krayt Fang. R5-K2 joins Hondo's flight.
  • Episode 2a Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines, Part 1 - Hondo frees the Twi'lek captive B'ura B'an aboard the Krayt Fang and takes him home to Ryloth. The local militia recruits Hondo into a mission to thwart evil miners threatening the locals.
  • Episode 2b Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines, Part 2 - Hondo and Numa battle the forces of mining boss Angu Drombb to restore peace and order to the settlement of New Meen. They learn that the New Meen mine is one of Teemo's operation... and Teemo will demand payback.
  • Episode 3 Aggresive Negotiations - The Krayt Fang is renamed the Lava Jaeger before their departure from Ryloth. Hondo and Numa travel to Geonosis to ensure Teemo does not obtain a shipment of battle droids with which he could wipe out the Twi'leks of New Meen.
  • Episode 4 Return to Mos Shuuta - Upon learning Teemo's plot to capture Hondo's young sister Yuzy Pash, Hondo, Numa and R2-8B8 return to Tatooine to stop him. Giin Lawquane the armoured mercenary is also freed from Teemo's dungeon and joins Hondo and Yuzy.
  • Episode 5 First Day on the Job - Hondo has to retrieve the stolen Lava Jaeger on Rodia aided by Port Trammel Security Officer Gheed Doombringer... before their first cargo run to Christophsis begins.
  • Episode 6 Family Obligations - Hondo,Yuzy, Giin, R2 and R5 arrive on Naboo where Giin is lured into a trap and captured by Sakiyan bounty hunter Zenep Tchek.
  • Episode 7 I Was Young When I Left Home - The Lava Jaeger lands at Hondo's homeworld of Blue Nirvada where his aunt Zosy reveals to him that his mother Doro, a rebel agent, is still alive and his father is Admiral Keargan Kanu of the Imperial StarFleet.
  • Episode 8 On the Trail of Dad - YUZY ABDUCTED! Hondo and Giin travel to Kabal to search for Admiral Kanu's secret cache that might lead them to Yuzy.
  • Episode 9 Adversity of the Unexpected - Hondo and Giin brave the lethal cybernetic creations of Darth Cassed to find Admiral Kanu's secret cache. Verpine tech Kerk Korpil helps them access Kanu's personal network which points them in the direction of Shadda-Bi-Boran.
  • Episode 10 Together Again For The First Time - At the abandoned Imperial base at Shadda-Bi-Boran, Hondo's life unexpectedly turns upside down while he faces threats from the Clone Wars.
  • Interlude Part 1: The Pilot and the Spy - Two years later, Hondo is sent to the Igmalar system in the Enteague Sector to retrieve the rebel agent Fulcrum and an Imperial defector.

Modesty Blazing

In an attempt to generate profit in the tramp freighter industry, the crew of the YT-1300 light freighter Modesty Blaze is caught between rival Imperial officers, a lovelorn Hutt crime lady and is the only party that stands between the Empire annexing a small backwater star system. (A GOKL campaign)

  • GOKL Escapes Mos Shuuta - A group of space rogues escapes the tightening grip of Hutt crime lord Teemo in the city of Mos Shuuta on Tatooine and steals the freighter Krayt Fang.
  • GOKL Escapes The Insurmoutable Ned - While the Krayt Fang gets an illegal BoSS reskinning into the Modesty Blaze on Rodia, the gang takes a job with tour boat operator Beru Highbringer who talks to her force pike and cannot wait to introduce them to the Insurmountable Ned.
  • Episode 1 Skyfall - The Modesty Blaze crew encounters more unlikely situations in the skies of Hypori. One crazy dude by the name of Razi Sunmote steals part of the floating Smallberries Station.
  • Episode 2 Droid-like Typing Detected - Our heroic group of scoundrels are paid to travel to the frozen world of Khov where a sinister mechanical villain lay in wait with its dastardly experiments.
  • Episode 3 The Prince in Carbonite - After freeing a boy imprisoned in carbonite they found on Khov, they decide to return the lost kid back to his homeworld of Ghyel. A wandrella tries to eat them.
  • Episode 4 An Ode to Backwater Politics - Prince Zalo Hai of Ghyel gives his saviours a job. His saviours get embroiled in a political struggle whether to allow or disallow the Galactic Empire to set up shop on the planet. Something explodes.
  • Episode 5 The Azurite City Requiem - The Empire led by Captain Bullpup Barqueslayer of the Star Destroyer Cockchafer attempts to annex Ghyel. The gang whisks the prince to safety while a call is made to Hutt lady Sassatania the First of Her Name for help. Razi Sunmote joins the fray.
  • Episode 6 Dirge of the Nepotist Captain - The team with the VCX-100 freighter Tiger's Claw engages the Empire in the skies of Ghyel then lands at Azurite City to infiltrate the communication station there in an attempt to remove the threat of Bullpup Barqueslayer.


Star Wars The Roleplaying Game (D6)

A Bad Example in the Spacelanes

The crew of the SoroSuub Luxury 3000 star yacht Bad Example gets sucked deeper and deeper into the machinations of the Five Skulls pirate gang. (A GOKL Campaign)

  • A Bad Example in the Spacelanes, Part 1 - The Bad Example arrives at Port Barrow on Sriluur but is almost intercepted by pirate freighters in orbit.
  • A Bad Example in the Spacelanes, Part 2 - The crew of the Bad Example goes face to face with attacking pirate freighters... in a garbage truck.
  • Shooting Zebras: A Bad Example, Episode 2 Part 1 - In an effort to take the battle to the pirates, the crew travel to Oseon where they discover one man who might be able to tell them the location of the pirates' hideout: Irontooth Station.
  • Hunting Pirates: A Bad Example, Episode 2 Part 2 - The crew has a crab meat beach party on Vendaxa after fighting a savage acklay before flying towards Irontooth Station on the Raspberry Beret, where they learn the shocking identity of the pirate lord.
  • Pirate Politics: Episode 3 - The crew discovers the deadly infighting of the pirate leaders aboard Irontooth Station and changes the balance of power. However, their droid comrade Weapon X is abducted!
  • A Robot Rescue: Episode 4 - The crew is joined by their two comrades on Coruscant in their attempt to rescue Weapon X and track the abductors to the Vulpter system.

Chronicles of the Wild Gundark

The crew of the Corellian YZ-900 tramp freighter Wild Gundark gets a job transporting a passenger to the Kuat system and find themselves in the middle of a conflict between Noble Houses of Kuat. (A Star Wars Artists' Guild IRC online campaign.)

Chronicles of the Wild Gundark
  • Part I - The Wild Gundark begin their voyage from Dellalt to the Kuat system with passenger Tell Sabarin and his precious cargo. There are stowaways, believe it or not.
  • Part II - Tell Sabarin is missing in the city of Medeus on Kuat. Their search for him brings them to the outer planet Daver Kuat. And who is Tell Lenoan?
  • Part III - The Wild Gundark crew returns to Medeus. They decide to defend their Fifth House client honourably. However, Count Yoat Drabb and the Third House have other less-than-honourable ideas. Will the team survive a full-frontal assault by the troops of the Third House?


Strikeforce Enteague Year One

Fringers all over the Enteague Sector are brought together by Commander Drew Greyhelm to form a rebel strikeforce to fight Imperial tyranny in the region - or so the story goes. (An ACS Sitiawan campaign)

  • Our First RPG Session Ever aka Episode 1 Trial Run - Shanna Toarinar sneaks aboard an Imperial station off the Sirsee system and steals a prototype A-wing fighter along with its plans.
  • Episode 2 Rebel Breakout - The plan of Phoenix, Ben, Ace, Yoat and Phix to meet rebel recruitment agent Tiree on Bothan's Planet turn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game thanks to Imperial Security Bureau Major Mar Barezz.
  • Episode 3 Snow Job - Phoenix, Ben and Jon Dean crash on ice planet Kendell and attempt to make contact with the Rebel starfighter base there. The Empire has other ideas though.
  • Episode 4a Test of Truth Part 1 (comic) - Shanna, Phoenix, Ace and Ben are tasked with transporting mysterious old Trace Traverse and their ship crashes on mysterious old planet.
  • Episode 4b Test of Truth Part 2 (comic) - The team is forced to search for the missing Trace Traverse and discover that the planet Zarligrenor holds dark secrets of its own.
  • Episode 5 The Rogue Lieutenant - Shanna leads the team on a bounty hunter mission to capture a rogue Imperial lieutenant for the crime lord of the Ginuvar system.
  • Episode 6 Betrayal - Phoenix leads Shanna and Viveede on a mission to Belderone to rescue a childhood friend.
  • Episode 7 Battle Among the Clouds - A rebel spy on Igmalar leads Shanna and Viveede to the gas giant Driscall where it might be too late to save a rebel outpost from an Imperial attack.
  • Episode 8 Doublecross - The reason why most of the rebel outposts and surveillance posts fell in the Enteague Sector is finally revealed. The team has to hunt and capture this reason on Tatooine.

Time is the Hunter

Bounty hunter Jax Hunt begins his career with the Benelex Guild House, but fate conspires to put him at odds with his fellow bounty hunting colleagues. Amnesiac lady who eventually names herself Iris Helena tags along for the ride. (An Irfan & Ain campaign)

  • Episode 1 Point of Entry - Jax Hunt joins the Benelex Bounty Hunting Guild at the Byblos Spaceport Tower 214 chapter.
  • Episode 2 Stalk the Lower Levels - Jax is sent to rescue missing bounty hunters in the lower levels of Tower 214 and discover that their quarry was a mysterious individual called The Skywalker!
  • Episode 3 Deeper Undercity - Deeper undercity, Jax is conscripted into a bounty hunter posse bent on obtaining the bounty for The Skywalker one way or another.
  • Episode 4 The Privilege of Choice - Jax unwittingly release an amnesiac woman trapped in carbonite and learn that The Skywalker is saving orphaned children of rebel sympathisers from the Empire.
  • Episode 5 The Chandrila Extraction Fiasco - Jax and Iris head to Chandrila to pick up a family of defectors. However, lots and lots of stormtrooper squads there make the mission somewhat difficult.
  • Episode 6 Out of the Red - With an extraction mission to accomplish, Jax comes face-to-face with their respective pasts while a hint of Iris' dark background emerges.

The Laundry RPG

Far Afield

Far Afield
  • The Man From Counterpossession - Armed with a gun loaded with banishment rounds and a necronomiphone, Dustin Hopkins travels to the outskirts of London to investigate a sudden burst of thaumic energy.

Trail of Cthulhu


  • The Watchers in the Sky - The birds cawing from the branches are black and behave strangely, causing a group from Brichester University to investigate... and discover madness. (A GOKL session)


Grandstander Squadron

  • East or West, Bombs are Best - Grandstander Squadron foil an assassination attempt on East Grand and battle an enemy drop carrier from West Grand. (Technically part of the ongoing GOKL Grandstander Squadron campaign)

Warhammer FRP 3rd Edition