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  • My Pet Cthulhu
    It was show and tell time at school, so little Ayumu Kasuga brought her pet that she found washed ashore along Osaka bay. She could not really recall how she came to have
  • They're Really Just Form Five Schoolkids
    For a single glorious moment in time, the song Diamond Crevasse , as sung by May Nakabayashi the singing voice of Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier , became the most heartbr
  • Just Two Short Movie Reviews
    Hooray for Cheap Ass Wednesday. Because of Cheap Ass Wednesday, it's cheaper for Irfan, Ain & me to catch a movie than it is for me to buy one novel to read. That stinks t
  • Out On The Frontier... With Giant Robots
    I wrote earlier about the continuation of the Robotech saga with the Shadow Chronicles . Robotech is actually three different anime series juryrigged and tweaked so they b
  • And The SDF-3 Is Still Missing
    Robotech Defense / Expeditionary Force is back in force in the form of the direct-to-DVD movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles . And this time, they're continuing directly
  • Meanwhile Out On An Aircraft Carrier...
    Awesomeness, is all. Found on the RPG.Net forums .

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