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  • Darth Bill Adama?
    A weird moment for Admiral William Adama of the Battlestar Galactica (complete with ominous shadow outline) when he suddenly spouts lines from The Empire Strikes Back at h
  • There Is A Hole In The Bucket Dear Liza Dear Liza
    First things first: SPOILER ALERT ... This entry will be discussing the series finale of Battlestar Galactica , the double-length episode entitled "Daybreak, Part 2". But
  • All This Has Happened Before
    This is it. This is the home stretch. For the humans on the brink of extinction and traveling across the stars looking for a new home in Battlestar Galactica , the end is
  • Lance Is Virtually A Cat
    Warning : Spoilers for Battlestar Galactica episode " Sine Qua Non ". Click on the thumbnail at your own risk.
  • And On The 501st Post, Shane Meets Apollo
    Yes, really. Awesome wikked. Take it away, Shane: Today was the Winnipeg Comic Con. Richard Hatch was the big reason I wanted to go. JUST to get a pic of him and I togethe
  • Straight From The Bear's Mouth
    Bear McCreary has become my favourite composer for soundtracks. I love what he did throughout Battlestar Galactica . The music isn't a traditional symphonic orchestral sco
  • Did It or Did It Not Exist?
    The stormy clouds of the gas giant were where the rag tag fugitive fleet was undergoing refueling operations last week in Battlestar Galactica . But Captain Kara "Starbuck
  • Frack! Is Today Friday?
    Cause if it is, it's time to get back home to the starboard landing bay. It's time to find out what happens to people left with the rag tag fugitive fleet and on the Cylon
  • A Colonial Viper Pilot in d20
    My friend Shane Welin is now in a d20 game with a difference. The rules might be powered by the run-of-the-mill d20 Modern / Future engine but I believe this is the first
  • We'll Be Back October
    Not "we" as in Hishgraphics. According to the press release, we have seven months to sit around, twiddle our thumbs and tap our toes to catch the third season of Battlesta
  • "I Didn't Want To Make It Back Alive"
    Spoiler Alert. This is an essay concerning the actions of Lee “Apollo” Adama of Battlestar Galactica in the episode Resurrection Ship, Part 2 . If you’re adverse to spoile
  • Spectral Visitors And Other Matters
    Irfan's Cik Su F is here until tomorrow, and she's sleeping in the room next to ours. Some time last night, I was told she woke Emma up, trembling with absolute fear. It s
  • Help Needed For Roving Red Eye
    This person needs your help. Click on the image below to see who, and then you'll understand why. This priceless image was found at this costume and props page .
  • So That's Why Cally Joined Up
    Found on Scifi.com's Battlestar Galactica forums , obviously cobbled up after (and in context of) the episode Fragged , two Fridays ago. Made me laugh quite a bit. Or at t
  • Galactica's Fear Factor?
    In conjunction with the much anticipated second season of Ronald D. Moore's Battlestar Galactica last night, I will put to you the somewhat retarded question: Isn't Tahmoh
  • Battlestar Galactica Wiki
    The new Battlestar Galactica series created by Ronald D. Moore has been one of the most exciting TV shows last season. It has solid writing, a great script, some unpredict

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