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  • Betty Was Missing
    A month ago, Betty went out for her daily roams and never came back. The neighbours reported not seeing her. She was gone all throughout Ramadhan. We live close to thick t
  • Veronica - Hello and Farewell
    Before we left for Kuala Lumpur and Sitiawan last weekend, Ain was enamoured with another stray kitty who hung around at a roadside stall nearby. She took to Ain very well
  • Wedding at Lunas
    One day we had to leave Betty kitty at home for the weekend. We travelled south to Lunas, Kedah about three hours south where Ain's cousin Zariff was getting married. Ain
  • Finally TIme for a Breather and a Kitty
    I have not been posting much because life in the last month or so has been very hectic.   First , I was commissioned to proofread a doctorate student's thesis from a neigh

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