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  • A Return to Bread
    So it has been a very long time since I baked bread. My old toy 's motor died in 2007 or early 2008 (after 3 years of weekly bread baking). Despite looking around for a ha
  • Bread 2006 - Sprouted Wheat Bread, 2nd Try
    So last year, I tried making Sprouted Wheat Bread with whole wheat flour and it turned out like this: Remember this bread? The one that required me to be part gardener, pa
  • Bread 2006 (September through December)
    Let's take a short break from the vacation for some bread. These are breads that I baked the final 4 months of last year. I know, I should have really written this entry a
  • Shepherd's Pie
    For some reason today I'm a bit rajin to write and publish entries on the blog. Must be the prospect of the 3-day weekend coming up! Woohoooo! I'm a bit backlogged, but he
  • Bread 2006 (April to August)
    After the Sprouted Wheat Bread adventure, I did continue to bake breads at a steady pace (weekly, pretty much). We had a few repeated breads, but I tried to balance the re
  • Breads 2006 (Sprouted Wheat Bread)
    I really have been remiss in posting my bread experiments from last year! So to continue the story, I take up where I left off: the next bread I baked in April. I tackled
  • Bread for Abah and Mak
    A quick review back to Mak and Abah's visit here last year. After all this while of looking at the breads I've been baking, I finally got a chance to have them taste my ho
  • Soups
    I don't know what it is about Ramadan, but fasting makes me think about food. My last entry was about bread. What goes well with bread? Soups, of course! Toast up a little
  • Bread 2006 (January through April)
    It's time for more bread! Continuing the adventures of bread that began with my birthday present from last year , and the breads of the second half of last year , here's s
  • 2005: A Bread Retrospective
    You got it! Another bread entry. In my one and only entry on this topic, I was waxing poetic about My New Hobby , and showed the breads I had been able to produce. That wa
  • My New Hobby
    I thought and thought and thought about my new hobby - bread baking, and I wanted to write a long paean to it. But now the days keep passing me by and my workload has not

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