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  • The Year the Hasbro Toys Invaded In Tandem
    Preview of the upcoming giant robot mayhem movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been released. In fact, it was shown on TV during the superbowl, and not long afte
  • My Debut as a G.I. Joe
    Shane , who's made some great dioramas at Joe Dios, has unveiled his latest custom G.I. Joe figure, a jungle trooper codenamed Monsoon. I'd like to add to Monsoon's backgr
  • Shanes Spectacularly Shows Off His Joes
    My pal Shane, seen here as a COBRA Crimson Guard commander , has the best collection of G.I. Joes I've ever seen. Now it's not just the quantity, but his Joe figures is us
  • COBRA's Crimson Guard
    Here is another painting and deviantArt upload I made in the last couple of days. COBRA's elite Crimson Guard platoon with its leader unmasked, who is based on my pal Shan

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