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  • Adventure on Langkawi Island
    A couple of weeks earlier, Irfan, Atok, Opah, Ain & I went on a three-day vacation to Langkawi , where I had been on work assignment before twice since 2006 but never had
  • Two Jabs and Electrically Cauterized at the Crotch
    Two days before I got back from Langkawi, I was feeling a slight pain at my upper inner thigh. There was a small growth chilling out there, minding its own business thus f
  • Time To Get To Work. Oh, and Photos!
    Let's take advantage of the free wifi some more and post new pictures of work. Just like other entries of business trip photos on this blog, there are lots of exhibition b
  • I Was Last At Langkawi 17 Years Ago
    The best thing ever that could happen is the discovery that this hotel I've staying at has a free wi-fi connection. This discovery is nothing less than imbuing me with the
  • Tomorrow I Go Off To Langkawi
    I go tomorrow not for vacation, but for work. I can't wait for it to be over. Ain and Irfan aren't here with me now. They're at Taiping attending Cik Eda's wedding. I miss

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