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  • Day of Dredd
    Earlier this week there was a drive via online social networks for a sequel of 2012's film Dredd starring Karl Urban as Judge Dredd . Known as Day of Dredd, there were man
  • Some Iron Man Three Viewing Report
    The onslaught of summer movies is upon us. We've caught the first of them, Iron Man Three . Here's Irfan with Benedict Cumberbatch behind him just before he watched the mo
  • Avengers - A Review Of Some Sort
    After five years of buildup by Marvel Studios across 5 movies from Iron Man (2008), The Incredible Hulk (2009), Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor and Captain America: The First Aven
  • Forsooth! A Thor Movie Review!
    A Thor movie. Can you believe it? Produced by Marvel themselves instead of licensing it out to another studio? Directed by Kenneth Branagh? I wish I could go back in time
  • Legacy of Tron: A Tron Legacy Review
    After 28 years, the sequel to Disney's Tron is finally upon us. Tron Legacy , produced by the original movie's director Steven Lisberger and directed by newcomer Joseph Ko
  • Lord Morpheus Will Want To Have Words - An Inception Review
      Inception is by far one of the most enjoyable science fiction movies in recent memory. I went in cold, save for information gleaned from the trailers. I knew it was a he
  • Latest Movie With Totoro Reviewed - Toy Story 3
    One might be tempted to review Toy Story 3 as such: “ The toys from Andy’s room return in the third installment of Toy Story for another wondrous adventure for the childre
  • Don't Mess With Mickey's Cockatoo - An Iron Man 2 Review
    Tony Stark is back on the big screen again in Iron Man 2 . And this time he's brought more friends as well as enemies. General thoughts about it after watching it last Thu
  • Prawn-flavoured Keropok: A District 9 review
    A gigantic spaceship appears in the skies above Johannesburg 28 years ago. A million starving insectoid sapients are found in the ship, and ferried groundside. Now, a guar
  • Walking Through A-Deh-Deh-Deh Like That - A Terminator Salvation Review
    In the first Terminator movie, if time travel convention is to be adhered to, just before John Connor's troops stormed Skynet and was on the verge of destroying it in Time
  • I'm Just Gonna Title This Entry "A Star Trek Review" Okay?
    Doctor Who . Yes. You always have at least one scene (and usually more) in every episode of the show. You know the kind of scene they have: "Run!" "Doctor?" "I said, run!"
  • Dog Carcass In Alley This Morning, Tire Tread On Burst Stomach
    The limited series comic book Watchmen was released by DC Comics more than 20 years ago. Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, this comic was the start of
  • Undoubtedly The Best Malay Movie Ever Made
    In January I promised I'd take Irfan this month to watch Geng: Pergembaraan Bermula ( The Gang: The Adventure Begins ), a new computer animated, feature-length movie which
  • Shenanigans on Christophsis and Teth - A Clone Wars Review
    I finally saw Star Wars: The Clone Wars . The short version of it is this: I went in expecting three episodes of a Saturday morning cartoon series jury-rigged and strung t
  • Burtt At His Best - A WALL-E Review
    WALL-E , directed by Finding Nemo 's Andrew Stanton, is indeed according to Ben Burtt, "R2-D2 the movie ". And as any Star Wars fan knows, Burtt has been the Academy Award
  • The Clown Prince of Chaos - The Dark Knight Review
    No. The Joker is not the Clown Prince of Crime in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight , the sequel to his 2005 movie Batman Begins . Crime is just a tool and a means to an
  • Just Two Short Movie Reviews
    Hooray for Cheap Ass Wednesday. Because of Cheap Ass Wednesday, it's cheaper for Irfan, Ain & me to catch a movie than it is for me to buy one novel to read. That stinks t
  • Not So Jolly Green Giant - An Incredible Hulk Review
    The new movie from Marvel Studios entitled The Incredible Hulk has been released. The movie is about a man who has been altered by an overdose of gamma radiation causing h
  • It's Still The Milage - A Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull shows that Henry Jones, Junior has been busy for the last 19 years as it's now 1957. Has it been almost 20 years since I
  • Nonja-busting Action - A Speed Racer Review
    I never saw a lot of the Speed Racer toon (Japanese title: Mach! Go! Go! Go! ) on TV while growing up, but I did promise Irfan to take him to watch the new movie adaptatio
  • Wait! WHO Wears Ten Rings? - An Iron Man Review
    I don't monitor Iron Man as close as say Spider-Man or the X-Men growing up. However, I do know what he's all about. I've checked Armor Wars out of Perth Library (again, t
  • Ten Terrifying Tales of Terror: A Tag
    Thanks to Jerry of Simple America for this tag. To find ten tales of terror I've isn't quite as easy as it sounds. I've seen very few horror movies when I was younger, and
  • No Sacrifice, No Victory - A Transformers Review
    First of all, I along with a couple of other pals, were the dudes who taped the Transformers episodes when the first aired (long before they were known as G1), to try to i
  • Sea Turtles, Mate - At World's End Review
    Spoilers ahoy! Cast away your eyes if you haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End . Based on the reviews I've read thus far, this movie is something that yo
  • Villain-o-rama - A Spider-Man 3 Review
    As previously reported, we caught Spider-Man 3 at Digi IMAX theatre on opening night. But first a non-spoilery rundown of the movie based on early press releases and trail
  • Sunburn Is The Least Of Your Worries: A Sunshine Review
    I just saw this movie on a THX screen and it was quite a ride. I liked it very much. Absolutely no spoilers ahead. Danny Boyle directs this movie and what he did was creat
  • Tron - A Look Back at a Reindeer Flotilla
    It's been a while since I saw Tron. I never saw it on the big screen. I believe I last saw it when it using one of the most sophisticated, technological wonder of a multim
  • Retro Review: Vejur Returns To Look for Dad
    My first foray into the world of Star Trek consisted of a single page ad on a comic (might have been a Gold Key comic) for Star Trek The Motion Picture , back in 1980. It
  • 5 Favourite Movies - A Meme
    Tagged by the Hijack Queen with her metahuman abilities to hijack any sort of forum thread - quite an impressive feat if I might add - I will attempt to oblige her with my
  • 28 Days Later... A Review
    I never fail to wince watching Danny Boyle's movies. So far I've seen a couple. I winced when watching Trainspotting . I winced watching Shallow Grave . (I've never seen P
  • Ruminations of Superman Returns
    I went in to watch Superman Returns with high expectations and I got what I deserved, I guess. It was quite a decent movie, but it isn't as epic as i thought it would be.
  • Cyclops, Shortchanged
    Last Tuesday, I finally saw X-Men The Last Stand . But I’m not going to do a full review on the movie itself. The following two paragraph will summarize what I thought abo
  • V For Verisimilitude
    I saw V for Vendetta on Monday. Therefore I shall write about it here. With spoilers. You have been warned. I only read the comic for the first time last year, so I never
  • A Skull Island Travelogue - A Kong Review
    Last night we finally saw Peter Jackson's version of King Kong . Upon reading initial articles that said that the movie was too long and were boring during the beginning a
  • Mini Reviews: Pulp, Supers and Lemurs
    So the other day I borrowed some DVDs from Awie . Why didn't I buy them? Cause I'm a cheapskate. Here are three movies I saw over the last couple of days and some of my th
  • Into the Wardrobe: A Narnia Review
    So I saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe last Friday, right after Friday prayers at GSC 1 Utama. I wasn't disappointed. It was exactly as I
  • Batman Begins - A Review
    It took more than 10 years, but I have a new best feature length Batman movie to replace my old one. Among the new generation of Batman movies (by new I mean, post-Adam We
  • Revenge Of The Sith Review... Sort Of...
    After having been released for exactly a week, I finally saw Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith today. Well, not me alone, I was accompanied by my cohort, Irfan!

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