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  • Han Solo and the Princess and the Trailer
    Everyone and their pet tauntaun has written something about the new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer, so here I'll be regurgitating some thoughts about the musical scor
  • 25 Random Songs
    Gary writes on Facebook: This is another one of those Facebook memes. You turn your music player to random and write down the first 25 songs it spits out. I'm not a big ta
  • They're Really Just Form Five Schoolkids
    For a single glorious moment in time, the song Diamond Crevasse , as sung by May Nakabayashi the singing voice of Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier , became the most heartbr
  • Pictures of Lily
    Pictures of Lily By The Who : I used to wake up in the morning I used to feel so bad I got so sick of having sleepless nights I went and told my dad He said, 'Son now here
  • Finally! Transformers: The Score!
    One of the things that I looked for immediately after watching Transformers was the soundtrack CD. I was disappointed that there was only Transformers: The Album released
  • Hari Merdeka ke-50
    Kami yang merantau jauh mengingatimu di hari kemerdekaan yang ke lima puluh. Lima puluh tahun kami rakyat Malaysia tidak perlu tunduk kepada penjajah. Lima puluh tahun, Me
  • Can Anyone Guess This Tune?
    So my keyboard, an old Yamaha PSR-300, has been out of commission for a while since the power adapter died a glorious death. Then, there was a movie score tune that has be
  • Fantastic Four: Meme Redux
    Another meme arrives and since my fellow bloggenstein who happens to also be my sister has tagged me... Wait, are there any rules about tagging your fellow blogmate based
  • Straight From The Bear's Mouth
    Bear McCreary has become my favourite composer for soundtracks. I love what he did throughout Battlestar Galactica . The music isn't a traditional symphonic orchestral sco
  • Music Of My Choice In The Car Again
    The cassette player in my car hasn't been functioning for quite a long time, and I don't have a CD player aboard. So I have been at the mercy of whatever the radio station
  • Pachelbel Rocks!
    Pachelbel's Canon in D. Electric Guitar. A skilled guitarist. All kinds of awesome. Gave me goosebumps. Fantastic sudden minor key shift in the middle. Check it out.

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