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  • Paper Minis: More Imperial Troops
    It's that random time of the week/month/year again when I draw and release a new free set of Star Wars RPG paper miniatures for your player characters to tangle with on yo
  • Paper Minis: Clone Wars Batch 2
    L-R: C-21 Highsinger, Duchess Satine Kryze, Queen Miraj Scintel, Rako Hardeen, Sugi, Wolffe (phase two costume) It's been quite a while since I made some Star Wars RPG pap
  • Paper Minis: Clone Wars Batch 1
    L-R: Embo, Aurra Sing, Bo-Katan, Ahsoka Tano (fugitive costume), Asajj Ventress (bounty hunter costume), Rex (phase two costume) For a bunch of folk on different sides of
  • Paper Minis: Just Plain Photos
    It was a slow work day and I got bored. So I played with the Star Wars RPG paper miniatures I made. No new paper minis. No game sessions. Just me playing with some cheap,
  • Paper Minis: More Astromech Droids
    Once upon a time, I posted a PDF of astromech droid paper miniatures . Specifically, the R2-, R4- and R5-series astromech droids manufactured by Industrial Automatons. Tod
  • Paper Minis: Protocol Droids
    So now we have protocol droid paper miniatures for your Star Wars RPG campaign! LOM-series for bipedal insectoid species and C-series for bipedal mammalian species. Everyo
  • Paper Minis: Outer Rim Ladies
    Here are paper minatures of some ladies who live and work in the Outer Rim Territorries. They might be scouts, colonists, doctors, outlaw techs, diplomats, hustlers, entre
  • Paper Minis: GONK!
      GONK! Download the Veril Line Systems' EG-4 and EG-6 power droids paper miniatures for your Star Wars Role-Playing Game campaign! GONK! GONK! GONK! Speaking of paper min
  • Paper Minis: Stormtroopers Redux
    I've released paper miniatures of Imperial stormtroopers before , but they were black and white line art. So I thought I'd create brand new non-monochrome Imperial troops.
  • Paper Minis: Imperial Pilots
    And now, paper miniatures for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game with a bunch of armoured Imperial pilots: the TIE fighter pilot and the AT-AT driver . Their costume designs a
  • Paper Minis: X-Wing Pilots
    If you're playing any version of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game , perhaps you'd like some paper miniatures if your player characters or your non-player characters are X-wi
  • Paper Minis: Cloaked Dudes
    A lot of folks wear cloaks and hoods in the Star Wars universe, from the Jedi to senators to even street spy Garindan. You shouldn't have any lack of reasons to use these
  • Paper Minis: Naboo Security Forces
    Sure these are Battle of Naboo-era uniforms, but they look much more varied than Clone Wars-era NRSF uniforms. Just remember that after the Senate dissolution, Naboo and t
  • Paper Minis: Rebel Troops
    So I made a new batch of Star Wars RPG paper minis. These are Rebel officers and troopers just in time for FFG's Age of Rebellion release. Now your scoundrel characters ca
  • Paper Minis: Trandoshans and Gands
    Because Trandoshans and Gands are among the playable species listed in Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, here are a bunch of Trandoshans and Gands as paper miniatures to b
  • Paper Minis: Asok's Fringers Part 2
    Here is a second set of paper minis created from  Ryan "Asok Yeesrim" Rhodes's  illustrations used with his permission. Check out larger versions of the artwork at his gal
  • Paper Minis: Floating Droids
    Here are three types of floating droids as paper miniatures for use with the Star Wars Roleplaying Game . You've seen the Marksman-H training remote before in Star Wars ,
  • Paper Minis: Elite Battle Droids
    We return to the droid army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, specifically the BX commando droids and the Droideka destroyer droids ; six each. These should be fe
  • Paper Minis: Specialised Stormtroopers
    More Imperial paper miniatures for Star Wars RPG!  Imperial Radiation Zone Assault Troopers a.k.a. "Radtroopers" are a specially trained and geared subgroup in the Stormtr
  • Paper Minis: Rebel Fleet Aliens
    In Return of the Jedi we see some aliens in the Alliance fleet. Mon Calamari, Sullustan and Dressellians. Now you'll have papers miniatures for them for the Star Wars RPG.
  • Paper Minis: Treaty of Vontor
    Once upon a time, during the war between the Hutts and Xim the Despot, the Treaty of Vontor was drawn between the Hutt families and three major species in the Si'Klaata Cl
  • Paper Minis: Hutts' Hired Hands
    Anybody up for five  Weequays and five  Gamorreans in paper miniature form for Star Wars RPG ? If your player characters will be facing off a Hutt crime lord (or a Hutt bu
  • Paper Minis: Assassin Droids
    But how do droids  consume hashish ?! The Eliminator 434 assassin droid was statted up from a concept art in West End Games' Star Wars Sourcebook . The IG-86 sentinel droi
  • Gundam Battle on the Dinner Table
    Last week I made some Mobile Suit Gundam paper minis for Irfan to play with using pictures downloaded from the  Gundam Wiki . He has deviced a turn-based Gundam battle gam
  • Paper Minis: Geonosians
      I created some Geonosian paper miniature for Star Wars RPG. Geonosians get their own sheet because the general need for it at present thanks to Act 2 of The Long Arm of
  • Paper Minis: Imperial Officers
    Just ignore Grumpy Cat mini as the Trianii and the Applejack figure standing in for the villain of the game. Imperial Security Bureau Major Mar Barezz turned up in a Star
  • Paper Minis: Mos Eisley Aliens
    "Excuse me sirs. But we have reports that you're illegally holding Kitik Keed'kak against his will in your storage bay." This batch of Star Wars RPG paper minis are aliens
  • Paper Minis: B1 Battle Droids
    B1 battle droids make great mooks for the Star Wars RPG. They are ubiquitous during the Clone Wars era, and gamemasters can have them laying about all over the galaxy duri
  • Paper Minis: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game
    So, since Star Wars Edge of the Empire role playing game core rulebook will be delayed another couple of months, many early adopters of the game will still be using the Be
  • Paper Minis: Alien Fringers
    It has been a while since I made Star Wars RPG paper minis. So, here is a PDF that features Wookiees, Aqualish, Rodians, Duros, Ithorians and Quarrens. You can use them as
  • Paper Minis: Astromech Droids
    Do you know what any Star Wars RPG campaign requires? A liberal sprinkling of astromech droids all over the landscape. Indoors and outdoors, working or hanging out, moving
  • Paper Mini Imperial Troops
    The ubiquitous Imperial Stormtrooper Corps is feared throughout the galaxy, which warrant their own set of paper minis. Here is a full 8-man Stormtrooper squad. Are they C
  • Paper Mini Fringers of Asok Yeesrim
    Back in October 2009, I wrote about Asok the SWAGger who turned me into a Rodian Carbineer . I thought Asok's artwork was clean and concise enough to be turned into paper
  • Paper Minis for Star Wars RPG
    Thanks to Ivan using generic paper miniatures during the Warhammer session last month, it struck me to look for Star Wars RPG paper minis on the web. There are a couple on

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