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  • Tagging The Entire Weblog
    I seem to be on a roll this weekend. Yesterday, I spent some hours trying to fix the layout in Internet Explorer, as noted by Sila in the previous article's comments. This
  • The Layout Goes South
    I've been trying to code the CSS file for the weblog all morning. I woke up and thought, how nice it would be if the site was optimised to a width of 1024 pixels. So I tin
  • Dreadwind Rising: A Blog Upgrade
    Many, many months after the latest version of Pivot had been released, and remember that this weblog uses the Pivot content management system to... manage its content, His
  • Blog Upgraded
    This is the first entry using the new version of the content management system Pivot 1.30 RC2 , as opposed to the pre-upgraded 1.24 version of old. So I might as well say
  • HaXX0rzed!!!
    This is the first entry after the site was hacked and evil and vile javascript and php codes were written into the blog's templates and database files. Many thanks to Fair
  • Random Banner Images
    Now thanks to Pivot's Rotator v1.0 extension, the weblog's banner up at the top of the page randomly rotates through a bunch of images I made up just for the occasion. Mor
  • New Blockquote CSS
    I noticed that like the old comments style, the blockquote style for this website is just a bunch of indented paragraphs. So, to ensure the blockquotes are easily seen, I'
  • Browse by Categories
    After a long time I finally got around to reading up and writing a "Categories" block for the weblog. Now, you can check out the last 15 posts (or less, if the count is le
  • Holy Crap... I Broke Something!
    Specifically, by altering some php code manually on the file, I seem to have caused Sila's Pajeri Terong entry to disappear, or perhaps eaten by cacodemons at the very lea
  • Blog Glitch Fixed
    The entire week was crazy as far as this blog was concerned. First I couldn't log onto the backend admin section with my correct password. (Even Sila couldn't do it with h
  • Pivot-Blacklist: Now Installed
    Once in a while I've had spammers cluttering up the comments in the blog. Usually they get deleted whenever I log on and check on the site. Now I've gone and installed Piv
  • The Blog's New CSS Layout
    So now our blog is mostly dark blue and greens with dark red links. I thought we needed some sort of a change, and I thought I'd have a go with the css and the Pivot templ
  • Pivot 1.0..
    If you can read this, Pivot is working.. Yay! Addendum July 6 2008 . This seems to be lifetimes ago.

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