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  • Hall of Justice Diorama at Earth 638
    During the Comics Are Cool event as reported in the previous entry, I noticed that there was an epic assembly of heroes in a Hall of Justice diorama, consisting of charact
  • Superman Saves Cats!
    You know what I miss about Superman? Him being sometimes ridiculous and fun. Here's a tribute to the fun and ridiculous Silver Age Superman with the best ending in the wor
  • Clark Flies
    Smallville has ended its 10 year run making it the longest running series based on a comic book ever. I'd like to say it was a great run through and through, but it did lo
  • Legion of Three Worlds
    I've always been a Legion fanboy, having first read the Legion of Super-Heroes back in the late 70s-early 80s. Having started relatively late, all that came before was com
  • Kneel Before Bill Cosby
    So there I was watching Superman 2 (the theatrical Richard Lester version, not the brand new DVD release of Richard Donner's version) and I just realised that when the goo
  • Ruminations of Superman Returns
    I went in to watch Superman Returns with high expectations and I got what I deserved, I guess. It was quite a decent movie, but it isn't as epic as i thought it would be.
  • Superman: A Dick and Loving It
    When you think of Superman, the first thing that comes to you mind is a virtuous, heroic, superbeing who strives to save innocent lives from disaster, and defeat the devio
  • JLU -The Cadmus Arc
    I've been a comic book reader ever since I can remember. One of the best spin offs from the DC Universe would be the DC Animated Universe, beginning with Batman: The Anima

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