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  • The Layout Goes South
    I've been trying to code the CSS file for the weblog all morning. I woke up and thought, how nice it would be if the site was optimised to a width of 1024 pixels. So I tin
  • Dreadwind Rising: A Blog Upgrade
    Many, many months after the latest version of Pivot had been released, and remember that this weblog uses the Pivot content management system to... manage its content, His
  • Finally Playing with PHP
    Referring to some help sites and pulling back the curtain to look at source codes, I finally got the nerve to save some text files which I wrote on a text editor as php fi
  • Random Banner Images
    Now thanks to Pivot's Rotator v1.0 extension, the weblog's banner up at the top of the page randomly rotates through a bunch of images I made up just for the occasion. Mor
  • New Blockquote CSS
    I noticed that like the old comments style, the blockquote style for this website is just a bunch of indented paragraphs. So, to ensure the blockquotes are easily seen, I'
  • A Website I'm Working On
    Here's a website I've been working on the past month. It's come a long way from minimal HTML code, simple CSS , placeholder images (which constisted of the Cylon raider "S
  • New Comments CSS Code
    I've jazzed up the blog's CSS code for each journal entry's comments. It's now, um... well, comment to this post to discover how it looks like now (or you could just check
  • The Blog's New CSS Layout
    So now our blog is mostly dark blue and greens with dark red links. I thought we needed some sort of a change, and I thought I'd have a go with the css and the Pivot templ
  • Hishgraphics.com is Now Online
    Good news, everyone. Well, I hope it's good news to at least my 5 regular readers out there. (Okay, 4 regular readers I admit. Happy?) It would appear that hishgraphics.co
  • OMG! The Site's Been Sashed?!?
    Wha-? How? Sashed? What do you mean? How did it happen?! Should we tell someone?!?! See the little diagonal banner with the link at the top, right hand corner of the page?
  • Hishgraphics Update
    For a sneak peek of the project currently undergoing take a look at the pop-up image to the left, which is a hint to what our primary activity will be on the main website.

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