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  • A Bunch of Boys Bled on Boulders By the Beach
    by Khairul Hisham Note : This essay is slightly edited from a 1000 word assignment for Professional Writing 1: Core Competency submitted last Sunday June 30. The story is
  • A Yaya and Adik Story - February 2012
    When we were kids, Hisham and I went through a "Choose your own adventure" book phase. You know, where you read the story and at the end of a chapter, you decide what the
  • What Happened at the Coral Reef?
    I wrote, dedicated and presented this book to baby Eva - currently less than half a year old - at the gathering last week . I hope some day Mei & Andrew will be able to re
  • Secret Library Revamped and Re-released
    After a long time taken out of the market, I've finally re-released the old The Secret Library children's book as Irfan's Secret Library . The story is basically the same,
  • Second Hishgraphics Book In The Works
    Many moons after the release of The Secret Library , I've now finished writing a 12 page children's book, a much simpler one this time. It's about a child that imagines ca
  • A Writing Gig?
    I wouldn't have thought it possible a year ago. Heck, I would have scoffed at the idea 3 months ago, but upon browsing the RPG.Net Freelancing Forum recently, I decided to
  • Hishgraphics.com Joins A Webring
    Not much sales happening at Hishgraphics Publications , so I'm currently trying out by using another internet marketing tool, a webring. More precisely, the eBooks 4 Kids
  • First Hishgraphics e-Book: The Secret Library
    I wouldn't have thought it possible a year ago, but here we are with our first e-book product on sale as of today. It's a nice little tale with full colour illustrations t
  • Tales of the Prototype and the Table
    Last week, we printed out some of the prototype pages for the first ever Hishgraphics e-book. To be honest, prior to this I do have a fair amount of doubts about the proje

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