Greedo Goes To Duro

[[image:greedo-goes-to-duro.jpg:Greedo, he goes to Duro!:right:0]]Back in late 2001-early 2002 when I was really down and out, one of the things I tried was sending samples of sequential comic art to comic companies. I never really followed up on them, but one of the things I came up with was the pencilling of an eight-page original unscripted Star Wars story entitled […]

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Khairul the Rodian

Khairul The Rodian Carbineer

I’m finally a Rodian. Not really. But props to Asok Yeesrim the Gran, another Agent of SWAG, for illustrating a Rodian carbineer by the name of Khairul. Khairul was named in honour of myself. The artwork looks badass, with fantastic costume and prop design. Also of note is the Rodian’s lack of flexible spines on his scalp, which coincidentally I […]

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Ham Slacker

Strikeforce Enteague: The Pioneer Team

Once upon a time I had a Geocities Page, where upon I uploaded a lot of Star Wars artwork. Soon the plug will be pulled on Geocities, so a link there from here is a futile gesture. However, there are a bunch of drawings of my first ever Strikeforce Enteague campaign character for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game from back […]

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Shobquix-yards Gauntlet Starfighter

Gauntlet Starfighter

Gauntlet starfighter, manufactured by Shobquix Yards, was created a long time ago by West End Games for their Star Wars Roleplaying Game line as can be seen here at Wookieepedia. It first appeared in Planets of the Galaxy, Vol 1 in the “Isen IV” chapter. And in its début, it was only a tiny little stat block. No image at […]

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The crew of the Bad Example

A Bad Example Of A Group Portrait

Here is a picture of the crew of the Bad Example, the Star Wars RPG campaign I’ve been running sporadically with GOKL. Front: T’k’li a.k.a. Tickley, the Jawa Jedi. Back (L-R): Ssssawar the Trandoshan cook, Captain Hunter Maelstrom, Neh’Koh’Moo’Su’May a.k.a “Annie” the Trianii co-pilot, HK-78 a.k.a. “Weapon-X” and Aden the former Clone Trooper. Addendum (2010): Click here to download the […]

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Rhen Sannin the Freighter Captain

SWAG Request: Rhen Sannin

Shane’s about to start a Star Wars RPG campaign and requested his major – NPC Rhen Sannin, the freighter captain – from the Star Wars Artists’ Guild. After giving some time for any other guild members to pick it up, I decided to claim the request earlier today… so I got to practice with the tablet and Painter Classic again, […]

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More Pictures Painted With A Tablet

This time it’s not me. Irfan’s learned to not only draw and colour pictures digitally, but he’s also learnt to use layers. I’d create a file for him with two layers, and he’ll do the rest. He select the top layer to draw his line art. Then, he’ll select the bottom layer and choose the colours he want to paint. […]

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Arakyd Diamondback

Arakyd Diamondback Droid Stats

It was during the Enteague Sector campaign for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game which I GMed perhaps fifteen years ago. A new team of the Strikeforce Enteague, consisting of younger members, had to investigate the Malc Toldreyn Library on the planet Neeuderni to solve the campaign mystery arc of why an Imperial Admiral (no names here, cause in retrospect the […]

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Illustration Friday: Sail

The topic for Illustration Friday for this week is “sail”, as can be seen above. Now what would be weird is if the camera pans down and we see the mast planted firmly on a field instead of a boat. A higher resolution version of the image can be found here.

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Only You Can Save The World

I was tagged with a meme by Lil at iFantabulous some time ago and I finally got around to writing (and illustrating) it today. What I have to do is to fill out the form with 5 lines below to reveal my secret superhero identity and come up with an image of my alter ego. So, a superhero, eh? Here […]

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