Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest

I’m a bit late for last month’s SWAG Theme Art Contest, entitled “Blue Harvest”. The subject matter alludes to the working title for the movie Return of the Jedi during its filming, to throw rabid Star Wars fans off its trail. It’s also the name of a fanzine in the early 90s, which I contributed some art and writing to. […]

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The Vacation is Over

The Vacation Is Over – For These Younglings

Round Five of the Star Wars Artists’ Guild Member Theme Art Contest (link dead) is almost over, what with September starting tomorrow and all. So here I am after some hours of pencilling on paper, scanning and finally digitally inking and colouring the illustration for contest participation. The theme is The Vacation Is Over. I can’t think of a more […]

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A Clean Prized Object

Illustration Friday: Clean

A visual study of the juxtaposition of a gigantic, filthy garbage monster with a sparkling clean jewelled goblet upon its hand, its most prized possession. For some reason, it is the one thing in its collection which it keeps spotlessly clean. Woohoo! I get to use the word “juxtaposition” once again! Still no opportunity for the word “curbstomp”, “mandelbrot” nor […]

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Summer Vacation on Zeltros

Summer Vacation On Zeltros

SWAG’s Theme Art Contest for this month is in the bag, with two points in mind: 1. Terras’ title suggestion, which is My First Summer Vacation on the Planet Zeltros. 2. Darren’s suggestion of using Team: Sabredart imagery once again. Click on the thumbnail for a full-sized pop-up. The Team Saberdart are, from left to right: Raeree Giin – Iktotchi […]

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Kramer vs Kramer

Star Wars: Kramer vs Kramer

For Round Three of the SWAG Member Theme Art Contest (Link dead), everyone was given the theme of It’s A Trap!… except me who has the task of coming up with Star Wars: Kramer vs Kramer, no thanks to my big mouth the previous month. So, here it is without further ado, Star Wars: Kramer vs Kramer – The Battle […]

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Iron Spider

Peter, Again

Some time last August, I drew Peter with Painter Classic. Here he is once again, this time with the new armored costume Tony came up with for him while MJ and he works as a New Avenger. It has bulletproof armour, enhanced computer-display visors and those extra pincer limbs not shown in the illustration below. I like the design, though […]

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Time to Abandon Ship

Time To Abandon Ship!

It’s time for another round of SWAG‘s Member Theme Art Contest (Link broken)!!!!! Well, actually it’s my first submission, and it’s only the second topic ever. The topic is Time To Abandon Ship! and I wanted to do a free-for-all (during the pencilling I decided to pit Wookiees against Imperial stormtroopers). The guy abandoning ship is the one in the […]

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Illustration Friday: Sorry

A late entry to this week’s Illustration Friday is my version of the current topic: Sorry. Once I read the topic, this image popped in my mind and it’ll bug me to death if I didn’t realise it. Well, enough gabbing; let the illustration tell its story.

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Ride a Robot to School Today

Illustration Friday: Robot

I pencilled, inked, scanned and coloured this piece in around 3 hours. Not just a robot, this model of humanoid artificial intelligence is also a transport to school, a bully deterrent, an escort through a minefield, a full-spectrum sensor and communication suite, and a piano tuner.

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Monster Chick

Illustration Friday: Monster

Yet another entry for Illustration Friday featuring the topic Monster, this artwork displays the city-leveling, destructive rampage of a fearsome, gigantic chick. Yes, a gigantic, adorable, yellow-feathered chick that hatched from an egg. Of course the fun would only begin when its mother of proportionate size comes to a-looking for the infant.

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Illustration Friday: Insect

It’s been a while since I submitted something for Illustration Friday. So here’s the first for 2006, I believe. I came up with it quick and dirty, taking only about 45 minutes to whip this up. Apologies to all rhinoceros beetles worldwide for any discrepancies in anatomy.

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Wild Gundark

The Crew of the Wild Gundark

Never let it be said I ran the Wild Gundark game without having at least one group illustration done for the team. Clockwise from top left, Groo McShae the Duros sensor tech, Similiv Zalimort the Kerestian first mate, Captain Nisa Dyaton the pilot, Aleic Karnsky the gunner, N4-M8 the mercenary and Wayang Kulit the Jawa droid tech specialist. Click below […]

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