Sik, dude

Homeward Bound Over the Hills

Aidilfitri vacation was coming to an end. We left for home from Pasir Mas at 0430 hours and arrived at the eastern end of the mountain roads just in time for Subuh prayers. By the time we reached the Titiwangsa rest stop an hour later, this was what we saw while the cold winds buffeted us: We got one amazing […]

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Yay greenery

Hari Raya at Pasir Mas

This year I was able to take a full week’s vacation for Eid vacation at Pasir Mas. I was able to take a vacation because I had a job to take a vacation from this year, which is one of the many things I am grateful for this year. We arrived a couple of days early so Ain could work […]

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Betty on Irfan

Betty Was Missing

A month ago, Betty went out for her daily roams and never came back. The neighbours reported not seeing her. She was gone all throughout Ramadhan. We live close to thick tropical-grade underbrush. One possibility is that she might have come afoul of local wildlife – and I don’t mean squirrels. After three weeks, I had accepted that we would […]

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83 Months

83 months of Yaya! [[image:2015-yaya83month-01.jpg:Happy girl at the beach at night:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions This entry is written two months late so I will keep it short. June was a busy month with work travels for me. We didn’t take that many photos of the kids this month (oops!) but here’s a quick summary. Food status: […]

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Yaya loses a Tooth!

Yaya lost her first baby tooth today! June 18, 2015. She is a little over a month shy of her seventh birthday! [[image:2015-yayagigi_jun2015-04.jpg:Buh-bye tooth!:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions So the wiggly tooth that has been wiggling for months has finally fallen out. Yaya’s permanent tooth has already sprouted (and quite advanced too!) behind the line of milk […]

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82 Months

82 months of Yaya! [[image:2015-yaya82month-13.jpg:Yaya and Adik:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions I’m feeling pretty proud of myself in that it’s not yet the middle of July (only the end of June) when I’m writing this entry! I will count this as a win! ūüôā May was another full month. We were in Florida for work the beginning […]

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Rafe – 41 Months

The boy is now 41 months old! Almost 3 and a half! [[image:2015-adik41month-07.jpg:Happy roti canai-filled Adik:center:0]] That is the face he made after eating his fill of roti canai at the Straits of Malacca. * Mouse over the pictures for captions May was a very busy month, bookended by trips to Florida. Even though I’ve been two months late writing […]

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Irfan with Mom, redux

Boy Spells Words

Irfan told informed us that he was invited by a teacher to attend some spelling bee. Later he told us the event was to be held at a local hotel: the biggest hotel in town. He didn’t even tell is it was this prestigious contest: You can read about the contest here. We arrived and I took some photos before […]

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Neow neow buddy

Veronica – Hello and Farewell

Before we left for Kuala Lumpur and Sitiawan last weekend, Ain was enamoured with another stray kitty who hung around at a roadside stall nearby. She took to Ain very well, so she thought we would also adopt her and Betty would have a companion. We took in the new calico on Tuesday and named her Veronica. Like their namesake, […]

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At Pandan Capital

A Return To the Tenth Floor

It’s the Labour Day/Wesak Day long weekend. We were unsure if we were able to travel 500 klicks plus change to the old house back on the Tenth Floor in Kuala Lumpur. We had planned on departing at 3AM, but because we were exhausted we awoke at six, and after gearing up were only able to push off from Kangar […]

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Republik Burger

A Return to Burger Republik

Because we sent some freelance proofreading work in the direction of the proprietor of Burger Republik, they invited us over for dinner on the house. I had the chicken kebab which was perfect and juicy. Especially the onions. Because onions! Ain had ordered a new item on their menu, the salmon. I thought the bean sprouts gave the fish a […]

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Rafe – 40 Months

And so Adik is 40 months old! [[image:2015-adik40month-03.jpg:And he’s excited about it!:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions It is mid-June and I am yet again very very late in writing Adik’s blog entry. All the same reasons and excuses as the previous months. I can’t turn back time but I can try to keep it short. ūüėČ Food […]

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Atok and Opah’s April Visit

Atok and Opah visited us in Perlis once more, this time to help ensure all went well during the my last ever semester final examinations. If I make it through this, then I would have a Bachelor of English Studies degree. And in a position to do something with it. [[image:2015-atok-opah-april01.jpg::center:0]] We planned for a picnic at Gua Kelam, but […]

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81 Months

81 months of Yaya! [[image:2015-yaya81month-09.jpg:Artsy selfie:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions It’s the same old story of super late writing of the entry. April entry written in mid-June. But that’s how it’s been going lately. So we’ll keep this entry brief, and focus mostly on the photos. We had a late April trip to Florida which will be […]

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Wedding at Lunas

One day we had to leave Betty kitty at home for the weekend. [[image:lunas-wedding01.jpg:What IS up with the many-angled ones?:center:0]] We travelled south to Lunas, Kedah about three hours south where Ain’s cousin Zariff was getting married. [[image:lunas-wedding02.jpg:Lunas is near Kulim which is a spitting distance from Pulau Pinang:center:0]] Ain had found a homestay online and booked by phone. It […]

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Rafe – 39 Months

And now Adik is 39 months old! [[image:2015-adik39month-10.jpg:Happy little boy, up close:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions Somehow I am getting more and more delinquent – it is mid-May and I am just now writing this March entry. Oh well. Here are the basics for March, Adik’s 39th month: Food status: no change. Still no veggies or fruits […]

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