80 Months

80 months of Yaya! [[image:2015-yaya80month-13.jpg:I was framed, I say!:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions It is mid-May as I write this and so I will keep the chatter brief. March was another busy month where I had my very first taste of having a “real job”. I had to get in my car and drive to work Monday […]

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Rafe – 38 Months

Here are Adik’s 38-month photos. [[image:2015-adik38month-05.jpg:My happy little boy:center:0]] Mouse over the picture for captions. So, when I mentioned in last month’s entry that we were moving to the smaller entry, I really meant it. Especially since I am writing this so late it is practically April. So let’s stick with the basics. Food status: still good. However still can’t […]

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This is not an unboxing video

An Unexpected Guest: The Wet Sprocket

Upon returning home from Pasir Mas to pay our last respects to Irfan’s Nyang, we discovered that the house had an unexpected guest. It was a big katak puru that took refuge among the old laundry causing Ain to scream out loud when it jumped after being startled. Ain and the local fauna appear to love to startle each other […]

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79 Months

79 months of Yaya! [[image:2015-yaya79month-02.jpg:Peekaboo!:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions February was another crazy busy month. I traveled (without Vin and the kids) 2 out of the 4 weeks of the month. In fact, I’m writing this entry so late that it’s almost April now and I’m only just writing the February entry. Since this entry is being […]

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Pasir Mas cemetery

Ya Seen For Nyang

Last Monday, Irfan’s only living great grandmother passed away. She was 91 and only after her death did we learn that both Irfan and his Nyang shared a birthday. We departed for Pasir Mas to pay our last respects to Nyang. Because of financial reasons we had never balik kampung to Pasir Mas in the entire year of 2014. For […]

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True enough, he finished it all up

Birthday Burgers

Ain and I couldn’t celebrate our recent birthdays during our birthdays for one reason or another. Then we both received some extra coin for doing some freelance work. So we all went for some cheeseburgers at Burger Republik, which I hope would not be appropriated into Burger Imperial at some point by Palpatine. It’s not too far from the house, […]

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Scenic Silver Springs

While we were in Ocala, Florida on a work trip, the local colleagues recommended that we visit Silver Springs, Florida and try out the glass bottom boats. So that is what we did! It was not far from our hotel (one town over) and quite convenient, and as it turned out, it was really really amazing! We all loved it! […]

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Rafe – 37 Months

Adik is 37 months old! [[image:2015-adik37month-09.jpg:Winky boy!:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions As mentioned in last month’s entry, we are now moving to the smaller entry for Adik, where we just round up his month and choose photos from the entire month rather than documenting how he spent the actual day. However, yes, I am finding it difficult […]

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78 Months

And so, the girl is six and a half years old! 78 months of Yaya! [[image:2015-yaya78month-09.jpg:In the sun:center:0]]¬† * Mouse over the pictures for captions January turned out to be a crazy busy month! I started a new project at work and had my first solo trip away from Vin and the kids (to California!) so that was exciting, thrilling, […]

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The one with the no-Graeter’s Ice Cream Cake party

Thirteen days after Adik’s third birthday, we had a small party for friends and neighbors.¬† [[image:2015_adik3rdbday02.jpg:Excited about the party!:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions In the morning, we take a short break during the frenzied preparation for the party. I had just returned from my first solo trip away from Vin and the kids that Friday night and […]

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It's an orchid

Irfan Gets a Dendrobium

Atok and Opah came to visit for a better part of the week to see Irfan’s first official day in school. They also spent some time with Irfan, visiting some sights in the area. Opah took Irfan to an orchid nursery where she bought for him a white Dendrobium, which I believe is the RX-78GP03 third development model of the […]

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He would get better with the necktie

First Weekend of the Year

Our first weekend of the year was an eventful one. Irfan registered at his new secondary school, which was not far from the house. He would be able to ride a bicycle to it, once we buy one for him. He might be the tallest one in his class, but I might yet be surprised. He was not the only […]

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Rafe’s 36 Month Birthday (And he is 3!)

And so, the boy is now 3 years old! Or as he would say it, “thwee” ūüôā [[image:2014-adik36month-32.jpg:A beautiful smile on my not-so-babyish-anymore baby boy:center:0]] * Mouse over the pictures for captions To be in line with how I did Yaya’s blog entries, this will be the final one of Adik’s entries that document how he spent his day. Instead, […]

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77 Months

77 Yaya-filled months! [[image:2014-yaya77month-05.jpg:Happily making use of her “lumps of coal” Christmas present:center:0]] Unlike some children, Yaya was completely happy to play with her “lumps of coal” Christmas present. She made a drawing of a cat using various charcoal pieces on regular printer paper. * Mouse over the pictures for captions¬† So December was very busy and filled with fun […]

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Sunset from the porch

First Entry From The North

Here we are at the northernmost part of the country, over a hundred klicks away from the nearest population centre which could be called a “city”. We live in a kampung, although not in a kampung house. There is a mango orchard less than fifty metres away. Beyond the mango orchard is a rice field. Between that rice field and […]

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Rafe’s 35 Month Birthday

One more month before Adik is 3! [[image:2014-adik35month-20.jpg:Happily eating Nutella:center:0]] That photo was not taken on Adik’s 35-month birthday but it was so cute I had to include it. The makers of Nutella can feel free to contact us if they want to use that photo. Not! Also, if asked, I will categorically deny that I am writing this entry […]

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