Irfan, Uncles and Anti-Gravity

Irfan went swimming this morning at the building’s swimming pool. With him went his Opah Cu and his uncles, Pak Ngah and Pak Cu. Thanks to exotic technology that manipulates gravitons, Irfan, Pak Ngah and Pak Cu were floating about on the water using anti-gravity. Atuk Irfan was there to take pictures of the amazing event with his camera. Here […]

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Irfan Gets a Diploma

There was a ceremony today. It was organised by the owners of the kindergartens, one of which was Irfan’s. So today Irfan got a diploma. Before that, though, there were a couple of speeches and performances by 5- and 6-year-olds. Irfan’s class performed a little dance. The music went along the lines of “going to the zoo”. Some kids were […]

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The birthday boy

Meanwhile At Irfan’s School (or The 500th Post)

After Aidilfitri, Irfan also had some events at school, before exam week begins. The first being his belated birthday celebration at school, which apparently everyone has. Great for him. We were lucky to have the teacher wish up a happy birthday back in our days. In any case, the vanilla cake with the chocolate topping (and strawberries, as astutely observed […]

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Not so fast, buster

ACS Kids at Aidilfitri

At Aidilfitri Irfan met and played with a whole bunch of kids of his generation whose parent(s) were former students of ACS Sitiawan. Here are some pics of Irfan and friends. Too bad we didn’t get photos of children of Lan, Dila and Gnana. Here’s Chris C’s (the other Chris C) daughter Aleyxia whom Irfan invited to play with the […]

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Our Seventh Year

[[image:7thanniversary.jpg:Seven Years Already?:center:0]] It’s been seven years since Ain and I were married, more than eleven years since we met. Through all that time, there’s been a lot of ups and a lot of downs. And I’m glad I went through it all with Ain giving me strength at my side and I’m looking forward to more years like that.

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Eid Mubarak From Sitiawan

[[popup:aidilfitri2007.jpg:(thumbnail):Everone but Sila & Vin:left:1]]Click on the thumbnail on the left for a photo of everyone present for Aidilfitri this morning. Although it wasn’t perfectly done, the different families are colour coded for ease of identification. 🙂 Although you can’t see them, Sila and Vin were also present by way of Skype video call and were privy to the regular […]

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Pacific Northwest: Part XII (Blue Skies on the Final Day)

Finally, the last day of our trip dawned with blue skies. The irony, right? Our final day and then the sun comes out. [[image:pacnw160.jpg:Beautiful morning:center:0]] Whatever, we weren’t complaining. [[image:pacnw161.jpg:Nice view, eh?:center:0]] We checked out of the hotel and decided to go to Lynn Canyon for a quick excursion. But I promised you pictures of the asian mall next door? […]

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Pacific Northwest: Part XI (Vancouver – Night)

After walking around Vancouver, we were pretty tired, so we met up with Lilian for a spot of dinner. Come see what we had! [[image:pacnw149.jpg:Olive Tapenade appetizer:center:0]] [[image:pacnw150.jpg:Scallops appetizer:center:0]] [[image:pacnw151.jpg:Baby Octopus and Asparagus appetizer:center:0]] [[image:pacnw152.jpg:Seafood Risotto:center:0]] [[image:pacnw153.jpg:Lamb chops:center:0]] [[image:pacnw154.jpg:Fish (I forgot what kind now):center:0]] [[image:pacnw155.jpg:Chocolate cake and bread pudding in the background:center:0]] We had us a veritable feast! Yummy! I […]

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Pacific Northwest: Part X (Vancouver)

My goodness, I can’t believe I’ve been sitting on these pictures for so long. This was back in July, when we had a mini-get together with Vincent and Lilian. The journey so far, we had spent time in Washington State, and driven Lilian back up to Vancouver. Checked into our hotel and didn’t do too much that first night, due […]

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Oh no a box

Irfan: Five Years After the Day

Tonight was Irfan’s 5th birthday, as can be noted via the photo of his cake below. See? It’s in the shape of the number five. Five. Five candles, ah ah ah. But yeah, Ain noted that it looks like the letter ‘S’. Here is the close up of the ancient inscription found on the cake during the archaeological dig: So, […]

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Irfan and his old daycare gang

The Old Daycare Gang

When Irfan spent two years in daycare with his Opah Cik just across the highway in Pandan Jaya, I always meant to take a picture of him and his fellow daycare buddies but never got around to do it. However recently, we went to Opah Cik’s place to deliver some of the eatables we brought back with us from Pasir […]

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Tok Bah with a melee weapon

There Were Trees, Fruits Grew Off Them

The previous weekend, we were all at Pasir Mas where Irfan’s cousin’s kenduri transpired. However the kenduri photos are still in Cik Emma’s camera so we have instead for this post photos of a bunch of folks (namely Irfan’s Tok Bah, Abang Kie, Emma, Ain and I) invading Tok Bah’s orchard. The invasion would end in the acquiring of several […]

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Irfan dribbling the football

Under Water And On Ground

Last week, Atuk and Opah Irfan came a-visiting to spend some time with their favourite grandkid. (No competition… he’s their only grandkid for now. Right, fellow Hishgraphics blog writer? For now, right?) I took the following picture to show them the camera capability of the phone, including the Bluetooth transfer of the image to the laptop. I love the Bluetooth […]

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