Though he liked the land more, it seemed

Irfan Breaks Teluk Batik Surf

Tuesday morning Tok Irfan took us all to Teluk Batik, my old beach stomping ground, for a picnic. Naturally like all my old stomping grounds it doesn’t look a bit like what it used to when the old crew combed the beach for nothing in particular, swimming among the jellyfish spawn and getting painfully sunburned. No more easy access with […]

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The training wheels should come off soon

A Snappy New Year To All

Another Gregorian year is over. There were numerous message replies to it over text messaging, such as the fairly regular “Yep! Happy New Year!” to “I propose a moratorium on New Years for another 50 years”, and the reply to my paraphrasing Agnes Skinner‘s “My bones are half dust” over how the years are treating us all, “You’re lucky. Mine’s […]

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The eating of Ain's mi goreng

Irfan Gets Wet at Ulu Langat

Sometime after noon and after Ain made mi goreng, we took a drive to the back end of Ampang, went over the hill and headed for Ulu Langat for a picnic. It would be a perfect day if not for the quadrillions of other visitors clogging up the roads, streets and paths with people and cars. I tried cursing them […]

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Squirrel squirreling away nuts

Rabies anybody?

While Abah and Mak were visiting with us last year, Abah took an avid interest in the wildlife around here. Here’s a squirrel eating from the container of seeds Vin puts out for the squirrels and the birds. I hope it doesn’t have rabies. 😀

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The red smudge on Irfan's cheek is his mother's lipstick

Irfan Goes To School – After A Fashion

Irfan is now registered as a Standard 1 student at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pandan Indah. He is in fact the 32nd student to be registered at the school for the 2009 intake. There were a few observations that we made about the school when we registered him there today. The school staff seem to prefer Waja as their vehicle of choice. […]

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It's Uncle Sree

Early Morning Raid at the PC Fair

Well, to be honest it wasn’t that early in the morning. It was about 10AM. And it wasn’t a raid as it was us moving slowly through the computer exhibition picking out stuff to buy after we, for the first time ever, have the budget to buy computer-related thingamajigs at one of these PC Fairs. There were no tablet PCs […]

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After That We Took Some Pictures

A belated Eid Mubarak from Ain’s kampung at Pondok Lubok Tapah, Pasir Mas. We spent a week here, and had plenty of good food to eat. The morning of Aidilfitri, Tok Ma made Nasi Dagang – Terengganu Style – but there are no pictures of that. The second day, Ain made Laksa Johor and there are no pictures of that […]

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In a galaxy far, far away… Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak and Selamat Hari Raya to everyone! This year, for the first time, Mak and Abah came to spend raya with us, so we had a nice quiet celebration, just the 4 of us. We had the raya breakfast of pulut (glutinous rice), rendang ayam (chicken rendang) and sambal tumis daging (beef sambal) but took no pictures of the […]

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