15 years today

15th Anniversary Pizza

Fifteen years since we that day Ain and I got married. We’ve had a number of anniversaries over the fifteen years. Fifteen years of juking and barrel rolling and Tallon rolling and drop kick Koiogran turn just to stay out of reach of blaster bolts from the rear. Sometimes, we would get it and it would hurt because it would […]

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Sauteed onions

Visitors to Burger Republik

When the visitors formerly from the tenth floor visited, we thought we would take them to some place fancy, namely Burger Republik. For the occasion, two tables were joined together to form the robot lion. The day the sign was made, they told us that anyone who pointed out the spelling mistake of “oren” got a free orange juice. So […]

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Republik Burger

A Return to Burger Republik

Because we sent some freelance proofreading work in the direction of the proprietor of Burger Republik, they invited us over for dinner on the house. I had the chicken kebab which was perfect and juicy. Especially the onions. Because onions! Ain had ordered a new item on their menu, the salmon. I thought the bean sprouts gave the fish a […]

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True enough, he finished it all up

Birthday Burgers

Ain and I couldn’t celebrate our recent birthdays during our birthdays for one reason or another. Then we both received some extra coin for doing some freelance work. So we all went for some cheeseburgers at Burger Republik, which I hope would not be appropriated into Burger Imperial at some point by Palpatine. It’s not too far from the house, […]

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Irfan loves his burger

Iftar at Some Place Fancy

We rarely ate out for iftar this year. So we thought we’d go to the Kluang Station restaurant before Ramadhan was over. The Kluang Station restaurant was nearby and not in Kluang; though I’ve been to the Kluang Station restaurant in Kluang. Ain headed there after work to get some groceries. Irfan and I rendezvoused with her there after Maghrib […]

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A Return to Bread

So it has been a very long time since I baked bread. My old toy‘s motor died in 2007 or early 2008 (after 3 years of weekly bread baking). Despite looking around for a handyman or an appliance repairer, we were unable to find one who would work on my poor mixer. Apparently, people no longer repair small appliances, they […]

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Ain’s Birthday Dinner

Ain levelled up yesterday. She’s gained a year, so we thought we’d splurge a bit on a proper birthday dinner. It would be a proper dinner with proper food, namely burgers. Meanwhile Irfan made his specialty ice cream cheese cake. [[image:2014-ain-birthday-01.jpg:Mixed flavour of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry:center:0]] That evening we went to this burger restaurant at the Ampang Waterfront. It […]

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Cake too

13th Anniversary and Raya Haji in KL

It was Sitiawan’s turn for balik kampung Aidiladha this year. But I did not get paid for a work I invoiced so we could not gas up to go anywhere far. So Atok and Opah travelled from Sitiawan to Kuala Lumpur for the holiday. Also, Irfan’s exam week was looming. Coincidentally, Aidiladha was also the 13th wedding anniversary of Ain […]

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Roll for melee combat

Irfan’s Eleven

Irfan’s eleven now! It started when we thought about inviting Emma’s forthcoming family-in-law for dinner. It just so happened that it was on Irfan’s weekend’s birthday! So unlike other years, Irfan had more people over for his birthday than before, including the aforementioned forthcoming family-in-law of Farid’s, Irfan’s cousin Aiman and Zara, and his schoolmate Fikri our neighbour from the […]

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Avocado Sandwich

When we balik kampung a couple of weekends ago, we bumped into our old neighbours in Sitiawan, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ling, who lives near Atok and Opah’s house. Ain and I had a brief chat with them about the good old days, and they gave us some freshly-picked avocados from their yard. Removing the flesh from the pit by […]

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Spaghetti consumer

A Decade of Irfan

Once upon a time, this baby thought it’d be a good idea to come live with us. Ten years later to the day – last night, he’s celebrating his birthday with his parents and aunt by having dinner at a restaurant. He’s been wanting spaghetti and meatballs for some time now. We thought we’d put a candle on a slice […]

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Weapon and shield

Birthday Cake Transforms Into…

Well, the birthday cake was transformed into digested matter submerged in digestive fluids in our stomachs. However, the box with which the cake was transported was transformed into… …Captain America’s shield, after an unscheduled crafting session. The Nerf gun was the one he bought from Richard Chua’s booth during the Kids’ Fair exhibition earlier this year. I did not take […]

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Salam Aidilfitri from… uh, Ipoh?

That weekend we tagged along Abang Ngah’s engagement convoy from Kampung Permatang all the way to Ipoh, or more precisely near Simpang Pulai. As usual the adventuring party that was formed by the family was a fun and boisterous one – despite the inordinately hot day we had. [[image:aidilfitri-2011-ipoh-01.jpg:Atok and Opah at the kenduri:center:0]] One thing’s for sure: the food […]

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Best ABC This Side of the Euphrates

When we balik kampung to Sitiawan, we try to drop by at Ain’s favourite ais batu campur (ABC) restaurant, which just happens to be at the Lumut Esplanade, overlooking where the Dindings River meets the sea. Most times we arrive, there is an festival-like air to the area which has a food court by the water as well as a […]

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Some Kryptonian symbol

After Eight Years, Irfan Reaches Eight

Irfan’s eighth birthday occurred when Alya, Vin and Sila were visiting at the Tenth Floor. I was happy they were around for the birthday bash, seeing that they don’t usually have a direct train or bus line from Ohio to come regularly. We ordered a cake that was in a shape of the number 8, because having a cake in […]

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The one with the two-day party (and more cake)

I know – it’s been over a month and I still haven’t finished Allie’s 2-year birthday blogs. She’s already 25 months old and I’m late posting that blog entry too! At any rate, here is the next installation of the birthday celebrations. This one takes us to Indiana where Vin’s cousin Becky had what was basically a two-day party for […]

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