Guradiin Ithural v2

Revisions of Azamar

Here are revisions of several illustrations that was made for Wicked North Games’ Azamar RPG. Click here for a bigger image of this flaming skeletal monster on DeviantArt. Click here for a bigger image of a Shrave administering first aid to an injured Immyr. My first Azamar art redone! Click here for a bigger image of the Immyr city.

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Mike thinks this is some sort of marriage counselling program

D6 Magazine: Issue Two Artwork

I have been illustrating for an article for a new issue of the D6 Magazine. This hilarious entry by Mike Fraley, entitled “Graiv’s Magical Curiosities”, is a marketing drive by the eponymous business owner trying to sell off some strange and unconventional magical artefacts that seem utterly useless at first glance. Would you purchase… Using the razor would cause an […]

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Azamar Deities Part Three

Herein are two more illustration for Wicked North Games’ Azamar RPG. Syndia of the Cliffs, the Goddess of the Moon, the Enlightened One, the Shining Lady… enemy of the Ash Lord and the thwarter of Mo’s mischief. She vigilantly protects her charges on Azamar from otherworldly threats.   Balmaritch is the deity of truth behind illusion, with an abundance of […]

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Shrave Archer

Azamar – Template Art Part One

Over the last couple of weeks I was working on and are now finished with the character template artwork for Wicked North Games’ Azamar RPG. The playable races of Azamar are numerous: Human, Urbane, Tre’uoall, Wyvine, Immyr, Enfri and Shrave. Here are four playable character templates, right here in this post:

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Azamar Deities Part Two

More powerful beings – reality-changing and inter-dimensional – that has made their mark on the world of Azamar. Mo is the deity of laughter, change, and trickery, and manifests in the form of a jester with a dazzling outfit of ever-changing colours – though he rarely ever manifests. Nooks and Crannies are factions of a powerful type of beings from […]

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Azamar Deities Part One

The Ash Lord, also known as the Eater of Souls, sends dark beings who manifest as Humans, who make deals to grant the wishes of others, who soon bargain to relinquish their souls in trade for these deals. Shilutozenon is the deity of nature and of the natural order and make attempts to repair and restore the natural order of […]

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Azamar Sea View

Azamar – A View of the Sea

Here’s a damage seagoing vessel – anchored off an Azamar coast – undergoing repairs at dawn. What happened to it? What was it carrying? Who or what shot at it? Were there survivors? What repercussions would there be for characters that relied on this ship for transport or defence? What bearing did this event have on the legacy of the […]

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Azamar Melee WIP04

Azamar – Melee Skirmish

Here’s a quarter page interior illustration for Wicked North Games of a Tre’uoall ranger versus an Orc warrior fighting on a hill slope and drawing blood… which should be in black and white in the final Azamar RPG core rule book. Additionally, I will also show you step-by-step how I made the dish above. First, heat some cooking in the […]

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Azamar Out Shopping

Here’s a piece on shopping for fruits and vegetables at a marketplace in Azamar. Here’s a hint: don’t drop or jostle the Quepid root. Otherwise vegetables are good for you. Eat more vegetables. Click on the partial thumb on the right to view the full image! Azamar will be published by Wicked North Games in 2011. Click here for its […]

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Azamar Enfri Airship

Azamar Miscellanea

With the release of the Azamar RPG core rulebook so close, I was still assigned several more art orders for the interior of the book. As before, although they’re in colour here, the final product will have black and white interior pages. Here are a pair of magic users, using magical energies augmented by their artifacts to fight it out. […]

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D6 Magazine - Abyssian Hunter

D6 Magazine Released

Remember the cover I did a couple of posts ago? After months of work, finally the debut issue of D6 Magazine has finally been released into the wild. Apart from the aforementioned cover, I also helped the writers produce three interior artwork for it. For the article “Crack of the Whip” by Michael Fraley, here’s a whip-wielding woman in old-timey […]

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D6 Magazine

Have You Punched A Dinosaur Today?

You don’t have to punch one, really. You could also fly to with a jet pack and slug its jaw with a hammer. Or perhaps you could stop punching dinosaurs and started hugging them. HAVE YOU HUGGED A DINOSAUR TODAY? Here’s the artwork for the cover of D6 Magazine, from the OpenD6 roleplaying community. I’ve played variations of the D6 […]

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Azamar - Falling

Azamar Scenes of Battle

I also had to produce two full page action scenes for the Azamar RPG in black and white, which I actually painted with GIMP in grayscale. It was quite a learning experience. If you’ve read the previous Creatures of Azamar blog posts, you’ll notice a couple types of beasts in the second image that I have previously illustrated. Azamar RPG […]

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