Savage Star Wars Character Sheet For Savage Worlds

Almost two years ago, I was looking at custom Savage Worlds character sheets online. There were ones for games such as Solomon Kane, Slipstream, Necessary Evil, Realms of Cthulhu and Deadlands. These roleplaying games used the Savage Worlds system and they were officially supported.

However, what if you need to play Savage Star Wars? I know there are a number of fanmade (unofficial) documents designed for you to play a Star Wars RPG using Savage Worlds.

So, I fired up Inkscape and created this custom character sheet. If you’re using Savage Worlds to run Star Wars, go ahead and download this pdf file from Google Drive.


Bennies not included

A sneak peek at the sheet

Click here to download the Savage Worlds test drive rules version 6.0 PDF at the Pinnacle Entertainment Group downloads page!

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