Some Assembly Required – Part 1

First thing we assembled for the baby is the changing table (one of the lovely gifts received). Lily, of course, has been very curious about all the goings-on with regard to new boxes and newly assembled stuff.

* Mouse over for captions

[[image:lstuff02.jpg:Lily claiming the box:center:0]]

[[image:lstuff01.jpg:Roly-poly on the box:center:0]]

After reading the manual, Vin and I put together the changing table (sorry no “in progress” pictures since we were just trying to accomplish the task).


[[image:lstuff04.jpg:Wait! What’s this new thing?:center:0]]

[[image:lstuff05.jpg:Well, it’s pretty comfortable:center:0]]

[[image:lstuff06.jpg:Testing for sturdiness:center:0]]


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