The gang at Pak Ya

Breaking of Fast With Atok and Opah

Most of our breaking of fast at sundown during Ramadhan – known as iftar – were done at home at the dinner table. But once in a while we do go out to dinner, but only after Maghrib. Last weekend, Irfan’s grandparents were also in town a-visiting, so Sunday night we decided to eat out. We tried out Pak Ya’s […]

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Breaking of Fast, Ramadhan 1431

Ramadhan mubarak to everyone! Another year, another fasting month. Ain spent an hour preparing this meal for our first breaking of fast this year. [[image:first-break-fast-2010.jpg:Delicious spicy stuff!:center:0]]  We broke fast with dates, before digging in, dining on rice, with some chicken and fish, and spinach. No fruits, no kuih-muih. We are grateful for the delicious stuff bestowed onto our dinner […]

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The one with the surprise birthday cake

We had a crazy busy month of July! I know it is way into August now, and I haven’t even done any entries on Allie’s big day. That’s because we have been running around like crazy people! First we had an active 4th of July weekend in La Porte (Vin’s hometown) and then to Becky’s at Elkhart. And then off […]

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Makan-makan with Jen

So before Jen and Mike set off for their awesome vacation (one of the legs included dinner with Hisham’s family), we had a warm up makan session at the newly discovered Penang restaurant in Edison, NJ. We ordered so much food that they had to move us from a table suited to seat 3-4 people, to a table for 8. […]

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Sure it's flooded, but let's eat!

Wrath Of Diabolical Water Elementals!

While picking up Irfan from school in the very late afternoon, we were hit by a great, big thunderstorm the size of a big thunderstorm. There was a point where there was no delay between lightning and thunder. Driving to school, the windshield, which thankfully did its job keeping the wind out failed to ensure the rain slid off fast […]

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Interesting concept. Burgers as finger food

Year Nine Celebratory Dinner

Here we are at Year Nine. That means it’s been a year since this blog entry, which is Year Eight. Instead of relaxing at home, or both of us forgetting about it (which has happened before believe you me) Irfan and I went to pick up Ain after work and headed to Midvalley Megamall for an anniversary dinner. We decided […]

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The one with the birthday cake

Since there has been a demand for cake, here it is!! [[image:allie330a.jpg:Let them eat cake!:center:0]]  * Please mouse over the pictures for captions On Sunday, July 26th, we held a small gathering, a cookout and potluck to celebrate Allie’s first birthday. Guests include a few members of Vin’s baseball team (the team conveniently played their Sunday morning game at the […]

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The one with the birthday crepes

Two days after Allie’s first birthday was Vin’s birthday! And since it was his day, he got to pick what he wanted as his birthday treat and he chose crepes. This is my first attempt at making crepes, but I gave it a shot! But first, Allie takes a shot at Lily. [[image:crepe01.jpg:Allie goes after Lily!:center:0]] The recipe was obtained […]

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Artocarpus heterophyllus

That Is One Big John Fruit

The last leg of the vacation was a couple of days back at Ain’s kampung at Pasir Mas, Kelantan. When we arrived, Irfan’s cousin Aiman and family were on their second-to-last day there before returning to Kuala Lumpur. They had a few hours together to play, with the Atok’s ball from Sitiawan, and the bubbles. That night Aiman slept over […]

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A rare appearance of Abah Irfan in the blog

LOL! PraWNED!!!111

Once upon a time, Atok and Opah told us of a little out of the way place named Bagan Nakhoda Omar, Harbour of Captain Omar in Anglic. Who was Nakhoda Omar and ship did he captain? I’d like to know that as well… On our way to Sitiawan for school holidays, we thought we’d stop there for lunch. It was […]

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Modelling with the squiddies

The Exercise of Vital Powers

Another month, another new year – making this the third new year in two months. What’s a new year – especially Chinese New Year – without a vital trip to the nearby FELCRA seafood restaurant, as previously seen in this entry from a couple of years back. As usual, the highlight of dinner is the fried calamari a.k.a. sotong celup […]

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Irfan drinks everyone's drink but his

Intersections in Real Time

The counter ticks up for Ain every year on January 22nd, which makes this the thirteenth year I’ve been around her to hear the counter tick. This year also marks first year Irfan contributed to his mother’s birthday card. We, including Cik Ma and Cik Su, travelled to The Mines to consume some chicken at Kenny Roger’s Roasters. However, there […]

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Birthday boy in jammies

Six Years Old Today

It’s September 21st again and once more it’s time for Irfan’s birthday. Wearing his Iron Man t-shirt a gift from Ayah Cik, he greeted the arrival of his cousin Aiman (as well as Aiman’s parents) with whom he immediately shared his cache of toys. Aiman was overwhelmed by the amount of Hot Wheels collected by Irfan over the years, which […]

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Packed Lunch

Packed Lunch is Packed

After only bring in sandwiches for snacks at kindergarten, Irfan brought an awesome looking packed lunch in his schoolbag which consisted of awesome meehoon goreng that Ain fried earlier in the morning He finished it off at lunch. I love the little fork and spoon set attached!

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Pajeri Nenas!

Just a quick note to say, yay-yay Mak and Abah are here! Annnnnnd, Mak made her world famous pajeri nenas. Here we are enjoying our dinner: [[image:pajeri3.jpg:Vin, Mak & Abah:center:0]] Abah shows off the lovely pajeri nenas and the baked chicken: [[image:pajeri4.jpg:Showing off the food:center:0]] [[image:pajeri5.jpg:My plate in the foreground, Abah’s in the background:center:0]] And this post is to make […]

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Dinner With Irfan’s Tok and Opah Unggai

Irfan’s grandparents are here from Sitiawan and have been spending several days with us. Tonight they will be heading for Middletown where they will spend the next two months with Vin, Sila and their upcoming child. On Saturday, Irfan’s great-uncle and great-aunt, designated Tok Unggai and Opah Unggai arrived all the way from Taiping to spend the night at the […]

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